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Over 15,000 shoppers swear by these genius sheet fasteners: 'No more corners popping off'

You're in deep sleep mode, having one of the best dreams in recent memory, when all of a sudden the corner of your fitted sheet pops off and wakes you from your slumber. Ugh. Now you're groggily trying to put it back into place, but eventually give up. Looks like you'll be laying on bunched-up bedding for the rest of the evening. Unless you have the Bed Band, that is. This clever contraption keeps your sheets secure so you can actually get some much needed shut-eye — and at $14 for a pack of four sheet fasteners, it's an affordable solution to one of life's peskiest problems.

Holy sheet! Bed Band is here to save your sleep. 

$14 at Amazon

Whether you're someone who tosses and turns during the night or have a slippery mattress that sheets just don't want to adhere to, you've probably experienced your fair share of sleep interruption due to unruly bedding. Luckily, the geniuses behind Bed Band set out to put and end to this.

It's so simple to use, you'll wonder why you didn't think of it first. Each band has two clamps on it, and all you do is attach one clamp to each side of the corners of your fitted sheet (the photo below shows how it's done). Then, just place the corners under your mattress like you normally would, and you can adjust the tightness of the bands if need be. That's it!

Not only do these clips keep your sheets from popping off, they'll also help smooth the sheets out so you're not sleeping in a rumpled mess. And beyond bedding, they can be used to secure outdoor tablecloths on windy days, as well as grill, seat and furniture covers. One reviewer even used it to keep a makeshift bib in place while they ate! In short, the limit does not exist.

someone securing the sheet fastener to a fitted sheet
Who knew a something as simple as a sheet fastener could make such a big difference? (Photo: Amazon)

More than 15,000 Amazon customers were so impressed by Bed Band, they gave it a perfect five-star rating.

"Bed Band saved my marriage!" gushed a (now) relieved sleeper. "I was remaking my bed literally every single day because of the fitted sheet pulling up over the corner of the mattress. My husband is a very restless sleeper, which is why I think this was such a problem for us. We were constantly arguing over whose fault it was that the fitted sheet had pulled up again ... After putting these on, I have not had to fix the fitted sheet once! They are very simple to use and take very little extra time than putting a fitted sheet on to begin with ... I can literally sleep better at night with the Bed Band in my life!"

"We have tried virtually everything in our home, as the joke is that I do aerobics in my sleep and have since infancy," shared another happy shopper. "If you are an active sleeper that is tired of your sheets popping off, these are for you. They also work well on windy days for flyaway tablecloths!"

"Just got these little gadgets and they work GREAT!" exclaimed a final fan. "No more sheet corners popping off in the middle of the night!"

Bed Band comes in black, white and pink and in two sizes, as well as in packs of eight, 12 and 16.

$14 at Amazon

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