Beauty Breakdown: Céline's Elegant, Easy Campaign Look

French fashion house Celine’s new ad campaign features famed literary octogenarian Joan Didion—truly the advertising equivalent of refreshing lemon sorbet after Justin Bieber’s underwear photos for Calvin Klein made the Internet rounds.

But because single-digit temperatures confirm we’re still firmly stuck in fall/winter clothing for the time being, we’re drawing beauty inspiration from the brand’s ad campaign for the fall/winter season. It features a fresh-faced Daria Werbowy donning barely-there, but deeply sophisticated makeup and hair effects. We caught up with a veritable beauty dream team—makeup artist Dick Page and hairstylist Jimmy Paul—to score the scoop on how to recreate this beauty look.

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Page used just few products to yield Werbowy’s monochromatic makeup concept, showcasing her stunning skin. Page used very little foundation and, he says, added a transparent tone to her cheeks and temples with a combination of Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Truffle and Sanguine. He applied “a trace of the same mix to her lips diluted with lip balm.” Page shaded her lids with a smudge of Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colour in Sable and Shoyu, and then combed the same blend through her eyebrows.

To create Werbowy’s toeing-the-line-between-casual-and-utterly-sculpted style, Paul started by spritzing the model’s damp roots with Bumble and bumble Thickening Spray. Then, he applied Bumble and bumble Styling Creme throughout the length of her hair. “I used a lot of product; this one doesn’t make hair greasy,” Paul says. Then, Paul used his blow dryer and a round brush to smooth out the hair before curling it with a 1.5” curling iron. He then pinned the curls to set them as they cooled. “Last, most importantly, I brushed it all out with a boar bristle brush before spraying the look with Bumble and bumble Classic Hairspray to secure the style.”

The final count? Just three hair products and five makeup items. How’s that for efficiency?