Beauty Blogger Gives Her Mom With Cancer a Stunning Makeover

Beauty blogger Nadina Ioana gave her mother, who is undergoing chemotherapy, an amazing makeover and shared it on her Instagram and YouTube channel. Because of the cancer treatment, her mom has lost her hair, eyelashes, and brows, but Ioana’s posts show the transformative power of makeup, false lashes, and a good wig.

In her YouTube tutorial, Ioana wrote: “Today I leave you a very special video I made with the collaboration of my mother. In this makeup video, I show you how to do a makeup in a client who is doing a chemo treatment, who usually has very sensitive skin, and no brows or eyelashes at all.”

She continued: “It’s very important to properly prepare the skin before doing the makeup, putting the right products on (moisturizing cream and serum for sensitive and dry skin type). It’s also important to do symmetrical brows, which have fit with the client’s face, and to be careful in the application of the eyelashes, due to the client won’t have any natural eyelashes at all, so they can be uncomfortable if they’re not applied correctly.”

Ioana posted the makeover on YouTube, and by the end it shows her mom looking beautiful and confident. You can watch the video below:

She received several positive comments, including ones from Instagram followers whose own moms had been diagnosed with cancer. “I wish you and your family all the best!” wrote Instagram user caro_mika_. “My mum had cancer too and I know exactly how you feel … stay strong girl.” Added jonelle_pc: “She looks sooo gorgeous u did a great job! I wish I knew u when my mom was sick! Prayers your way for your mom to get better.”

But Ioana isn’t the only beauty blogger doing incredible makeovers on a beloved parent. Instagram and YouTube star Matthew Tronconi, known as Clawdeena9, has also done several makeovers for his mom, Joanne, who was born with a prominent facial birthmark.

Joanna has Klippel-Trénaunay syndrome, a rare disorder hallmarked by a port-wine stain and abnormal overgrowth of the soft tissue and bones, according to the National Institutes of Health. By posting these makeover videos, Tronconi and his mom hope to both raise awareness about Klippel-Trénaunay syndrome and encourage people to embrace their own unique beauty.

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