Beauty and the Geek: Star Wars-Inspired Braids at Mara Hoffman

·Assistant Editor

Designer Mara Hoffman and the models asking for the force to be with them right before the runway show began/Instagram.

At Mara Hoffman’s fall 2015 show on Saturday, Star Wars-inspired crown braids reigned supreme. On Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine, the human settlers somehow managed to master intricate braids while fighting other species and defending their territories.


Just look at Natalie Portman’s portrayal of Padmé Amidala and Carrie Fisher starring as Princess Leia. Both women somehow waged intergalactic battle while rocking out-of-this-world coiffures like double crescent-shaped buns, braids as headbands, and tight, twisted loops wrapped into a ballerina bun. These two tough heroines were beauty and style icons for geeky girls who grew up to love hair and makeup—and it’s these girls that Mara Hoffman decided to celebrate in her latest collection.

The braid created for the fall 2015 Mara Hoffman show.

The hair, sponsored by Catwalk by TIGI and created by hairstylists Thomas Osborn and Adriana Papaleo, consisted of two parts: a thick crown braid perched high on the head, and two side-by-side braids low in the back that the crown braid dips into. Fake hair and hair extensions were used, since not all the models had strands long enough for this detailed ‘do—just as Carrie Fisher’s iconic crescent buns weren’t really hers, either. The braids created a galactic princess halo effect that highlighted the gold eye shadow by Maybelline. If you’re hoping to try this look at home, may the force be with you, braid enthusiasts.


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