The Beautiful, Bizarre Friendship Between Jeremy Strong and Frank Ocean Continued at the Met Gala

the 2023 met gala celebrating
Jeremy Strong Taps Frank Ocean for the Met GalaMike Coppola - Getty Images

As a fashion writer, it is one of the great pleasures of my life and career to write about Jeremy Strong's style. When he's Kendall Roy, he's doing the most—Loro Piana hats, Gucci shoes, Tom Ford jackets. But when Jeremy Strong is just Jeremy Strong, he's ditching Kendall's quiet luxury in favor of an even quieter luxury, always in shades of brown. He's constantly looking vaguely ready to ride a horse, clad in rare Paul Harnden pieces that look expensively vintage, sure, but, like, vintage from the Victorian era. And when Jeremy Strong is on the red carpet—say, for instance, at the Met Gala—he's still wearing brown!

the 2023 met gala celebrating
Jeremy Strong at the Met Gala.Noam Galai/GA - Getty Images

This is a man who knows his style and doesn't waver from it. He likes what he likes, and in a sea of Chanel pink and Karl Lagerfeld black, the actor turned a brown coat and ruffled green button-up into one of the most unique, individual, eye-catching looks at the Met Gala. The perfectly-tailored look was finished off with a Richard Mille watch and $1,400 green flower necklace from Homer, Frank Ocean's coveted luxury jewelry brand.

This isn't the first time the Strong/Ocean bestie-ness has gone public. Way back in 2019, Frank Ocean dropped Blonded merchandise with Kendall Roy's face on it, framed by hypebeast-y green flames. There was a matching poster with a repeated image of Kendall all over it, too.

the 2023 met gala celebrating
Jeremy Strong at the Met Gala.Jamie McCarthy - Getty Images

It's not that weird, though; they're friends! Or, at least, they have each other's phone numbers (in this day and age, I think that makes you friends). Jeremy Strong revealed in an interview that, following the iconic "L to the OG" performance by Kendall in Season 2, Episode 8 of Succession, Frank Ocean texted him the words "L to the OG" and a crying face emoji. An apt response from one of the great rappers of this generation to another, really.

So when Jeremy Strong showed up to the Met Gala with a necklace from Frank Ocean's label, the friendship was not only solidified, but taken to the next level. Texting is one thing, but this beautiful, strange relationship has transcended to a celebrity equivalent of sharing each other's clothes. It's been four wonderful years of the Strong-Ocean best friendship, and in the next four, we need Frank to sample "L to the OG," please—or, at the very least, get Jeremy Strong in the studio with him.

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