Beards Make Men Feel Sexier, Study Says


(photo: Instagram/@brockohurn)

Want more confidence? Grow a beard.

A survey by Braun, maker of tools that are traditionally used to help men get rid of their facial hair, found that 53 percent of men actually feel more attractive to women when they have a beard. Forty one percent feel more confident in general when they’re sporting beards.

Our friends at Complex point out that this is probably why you see so many beards in urban environments these days, and that makes sense. After all, if you live in a fast-moving city or work in a cutthroat industry, you need all the edge you can get.

And while all men must die, not all men can pull off a beard. When the clean-shaven men who participated in the study were asked why they kept their faces hair-free, 77 percent responded that they couldn’t properly grow out a beard.

By Justin Fenner

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