#BB22: A Super Fan Snuck a Message to the Cast That Could Change the Game

McKenzie Jean-Philippe
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Photo credit: CBS
Photo credit: CBS

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  • Going into week 4 of Big Brother 22, super fans are disappointed with the course of the game.

  • One fan decided to go to the Big Brother house and yell a special message to houseguests in the backyard, hoping to ruin two All Stars games.

  • Spoilers below.

In what is quickly turning out to be a disappointing and predictable season following fan favorite Janelle Pierzina's eviction last week, Big Brother 22's All Stars run is running out of steam. With the dominant alliance still in power (Cody, Nicole F, Dani, Tyler, Enzo, and Memphis) and successfully picking off the other side of the house one-by-one, the strategic game of BB we knew and loved is disappearing. Not only is the alliance largely disliked by viewers, but they've done away with blindsides, strategy, and skillful deceit, to nonchalantly planning out each week's target in the name of pleasing the HOH and ruffling as little feathers as possible.

Well, fans have had enough. So much so that one super fan decided to attempt to spice things up by communicating with the houseguests. On Sunday afternoon, an anonymous person that Twitter fans have dubbed "Wall Yeller," was able to get close enough to the Big Brother house to scream a message over to the backyard. What did they say exactly? "Nicole and Cody are playing everyone!"

The moment was caught on live feeds where we saw Memphis, Christmas, and Kaysar's reaction. The live feeds were immediately cut, and did not return for another two hours.

So why did "Wall Yeller" attempt to blow up Nicole F and Cody's game? Well, they established an alliance starting the first episode—with some even believing the former BB16 cast mates had a set strategy coming into the house. The two are also dominant members of the majority alliance, which includes Enzo who is current HOH. He nominated Kaysar and Kevin for eviction, but spoiler, Kevin won Veto, requiring Enzo to nominate someone new on Monday—the perfect opportunity for a classic BB backdoor.

If eyes turn to Cody and Nicole, the rest of the house, including the underdogs (Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, Kevin, Ian) could finally have some ammo to shake things up and flip the game. This would result in a better game for fan favorite vets, and a much more entertaining show for viewers. Suffice it to say, super fans were impressed.

So did "Wall Yeller" actually do anything? Well, once feeds returned, it seemed that Christmas, Da'Vonne, and Bayleigh were attempting to sway Enzo to make a big move and backdoor Dani with his re-nominations. All have been suspicious of her tactics for weeks, and she is clearly aligned with Cody and Nicole. However, Enzo is "scared" to pull the trigger.

But the good news? They now have a reason to question and target the people in power who were previously under the radar. We'll have to wait for next week's HOH to see if anything really changes.

As for the identity of "Wall Yeller?" Not long before Sunday's exciting moment, @BBRennyStan posted a photo of a bullhorn with the Live Feeds in the background with the caption, "Does anyone know when the backyard is opening back up? I’m ready and willing to ruin someone’s game."

They then seemed to take a cue from two-time BB player "Evel" Dick Donato, who suggested a very familiar message to relay to the houseguests.

So is it time to thank "Wall Yeller" (possibly @BBRennyStan) for changing the course of the season? We'll have to wait and see.

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