Bath & Body Works Is Launching a Laundry Line—And You Can Vote on the Scents

Get ready for Cactus Blossom-scented laundry. Bath & Body Works is adding fabric care products to its fall lineup—and you can help pick the scents now.

<p>Bath & Body Works</p>

Bath & Body Works

If you’ve been waiting for the day when the scent of your towels and sweaters would match your favorite 3-wick candle, it's finally arrived. Bath & Body Works, known for its signature seasonal fragrances, just announced plans to launch their first-ever fabric care line this fall.

Dedicated shoppers are known for snatching up every product available in their favorite scents—whether it’s in the form of shower gel, hand sanitizer, wall plug-ins, or the (much coveted) 3-wick candles. Some fans even dedicate entire sections of their homes to housing their collections. Customers have been requesting laundry products for some time—many enthusiasts have even created their own DIY laundry care products by spritzing their dryer sheets with their Japanese Cherry Blossom or Champagne Toast fragrance mist and adding grated Bath & Body Works scented soaps to their wash cycle—so this launch is bound to cause a lot of excitement.

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If you have the Bath & Body Works app, you're likely already aware of this impending drop. On Monday, Bath & Body Works Loyalty Program members (some 37 million of them) were notified through the app and given a special opportunity to weigh in on the company’s launch.

Between now and May 29, loyalty members can vote for their favorite scent to be included from a selection of 14 of the company’s bestsellers. Candidates include A Thousand Wishes, Cozy Cashmere, Mahogany Teakwood, and more. The five top-voted fragrances will be offered in detergents and laundry scent boosters beginning in the fall of 2023, but loyalty members will be given early access at an exclusive shopping event before the launch.

<p>Bath & Body Works</p>

Bath & Body Works

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"Our customers guide every decision we make so we’ve integrated voting technology within our loyalty platform to enable customers to directly influence how we launch products for the first time ever," said Jamie Sohosky, chief marketing officer at Bath & Body Works, in a statement. "We’re tapping our most loyal customers to tell us which fragrances they want to shop first because we want to help create a deeper personal connection to the fragrances they love.”

The company also recently announced that it's launching a hair care line in July that will be offered at 560 stores nationwide and online at The collection—which joins a men’s skincare and beard care line launched earlier this month—will include shampoo and conditioner in five signature scents as well as dry shampoos in three.

Details about the exclusive event for loyalty members to sample the new fabric care products before they hit the market will first be revealed on the Bath & Body Works app.

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