Bat Discovery Forces Temporary Closure At North Carolina School

It's a little early for Halloween.

<p>Bernd Wolter / EyeEm/Getty Images</p>

Bernd Wolter / EyeEm/Getty Images

Students at a Charlotte, North Carolina high school are back in the classroom after an unexpected closure for a bat eviction.

A total of 22 bats were found and removed from Ardrey Kell High School earlier this month according to a statement made by the Mecklenburg County Health Department to the Charlotte Observer.

The bat ordeal began back in March when two bats were found and removed, according to the health department’s statement. No human exposure was reported and the bats tested negative for rabies.

The Public Health department received another report of bats in mid-April, according to the release.

The school opted to close for two days to take several measures including eradicating the bats, “closing potential spaces that bats could enter the school and extensive cleaning,” a release from the Mecklenburg County Schools said.

Students returned to school Friday after it was determined they could “safely return to face-to-face learning.”

As an added precaution, the district said, the entire roofline will be sealed during the following two weekends.

As for the 22 bats, they’ve been confirmed to not have rabies.

Mecklenburg Public Health confirmed one human exposure connected to the latest incident but couldn’t provide more details.

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