Basset Hound's Story of How He Got the 'Most Embarrassing Name' Is Making People LOL

Let's be honest--there are some downright odd names for pets out in the world. In fact, I'm willing to guess that most (if not all) pet owners have called their buddy something funny at least once or twice. Whether it's as simple as 'Bubba' or something way more complicated, it's next to impossible not to lovingly nickname a furry or feathered friend!

For one Basset Hound, though, his lovingly-given nickname couldn't possibly be more embarrassing. Okay, it probably could--but having a name like this definitely leads to lots of confusion and funny looks. I'd sure do a double-take if I heard @bassholetitty's name in public!

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LMAO!  Not only is this pup's name Titty but he's called a 'basshole,' too. How great is that? I can only imagine how that term came to be, but all-in-all, people seem pretty unphased about this dog's funny name!

"My Dachshund’s name was supposed to be Huckleberry Finn," explained @zombie_giraffe. "I shortened it to Huckaboo now his name is Boobie." LOL! Surprisingly, multiple other commenters claimed their pet has the same unique name, so now I can't help but wonder--are there any other pups named Titty out there, too?

In all fairness, this Bassett Hound doesn't seem to mind his unusual name. If anything, he's completely unbothered! He's come a very long way since he cried all the way home as a young puppy, and we couldn't be more proud. We're sure his mama feels the very same way! His dad, on the other hand, is the whole reason this nickname even came to be. Oh well!

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