Basset Hound Stray Learns to Trust Dog Rescuer With Her Babies in Gut-Wrenching Video

The people out there who rescue animals are angels on earth. There is no critter too dire that they won't care for — and they'll put their heart and soul into helping that animal recover too. Like a Basset Hound stray who'd just given birth to a litter of puppies and was saved by a woman with the biggest heart.

A friend alerted the woman to the Hounds' existence and she leapt into action.

Caitie, of Caitie’s Foster Fam, shared the gut-wrenching story in a video that's since gone viral on TikTok. As she explained in the video's onscreen caption, the Basset Hound had been abandoned and given birth to her puppies near a store.

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"The kind workers gave her a place to rest until they could find a rescue to help," she explained in the text overlay. Both the Hound and her puppies were covered in fleas, but that didn't stop Caitie from bringing them home and cleaning them up.

At first it seemed like mama Hound was a little unclear if the rescuer was there to help or hurt them. But after a bath and some care it seems like she slowly learned how to trust Caitie.

Commenters were touched by Caitie's hard work. "Poor things!! Thank God they found their way to you," wrote one person. "You’re the most amazing human," another commenter praised. "She looked so much better after her bath. Poor mama," someone else lamented. "Basset Hounds are my dream dog, this breaks my heart..I would do anything to have one yet there are people that just throw theirs away," one person added.

The Rescue Puppies Have a Long Road Ahead of Them

Later in the thread, Caitie explained that while she gave the dogs a new lease on life that doesn't mean it's smooth sailing. In fact, the road ahead could be full of bumps.

"The eight surviving puppies are hanging in there," she wrote later in the caption. "They’re active and nursing. But they were cold and covered in fleas when I got them."

Caitie explained that they are currently fighting an "uphill battle" to save the kittens. There are five boy kittens and three girl kittens — "The smallest girl is about half the size of her littermates and appears much weaker," she explained. "I’ll continue to give her the best chance, but odds aren’t on her side."

The animal rescuer said that survival will be "tough" for all of the kittens, but she's determined to keep fighting for their mom's sake.

"Now we’re all here to help them," she added. "It’s all up from here."

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