Mikhail Baryshnikov & Lil Buck Dance for Rag + Bone

Laia Garcia

For their Fall 2015 Menswear collection presentation, Rag & Bone forwent the traditional runway and instead created a short film featuring iconic ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov and street dancer Lil’ Buck. The film, shot against a white background and directed by Georgie Greville, features an electronic soundtrack by “Venetian Snares”— a mix of slowed down beats and opera music —which results in a vibe that is as bombastic as it is beautiful. The two dancers pause, slow down, and reverse, according to the music, which creates a sort of visual poetry, and allows us to further appreciate the intricacy and the beauty of their movements.

This film is not Rag & Bone’s first foray into film ad campaigns. Since 2013, they have released short films featuring actors like Michael Pitt, Emile Hirsh and Lea Seydoux, but with this one they have expanded new ground with their conceptual storytelling. 

Pairing Baryshnikov and Lil’ Buck is such a genius move, they perfectly embody the Rag & Bone brand, which is a little bit classic and a little bit urban. But beyond that, seeing these two dancers together is such a wondrous thing, and you will not be able to stop yourself from watching at least one more time. 

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