'Barbie' Is Coming to Streaming! Here's When and Where You Can Watch

Barbie is still blowing up the movie theater box office, setting records left and right, soon to earn a billion dollars globally and quickly becoming the highest grossing film of 2023. But while the film is still drawing droves of pink-clad fans into multiplexes, sooner or later Barbie, like most other movies, will arrive on a streaming platform.

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So when will Barbie arrive to streaming and which streaming platforms will be hosting it? Here's everything we know about Barbie's future in streaming:

Where is Barbie streaming?

Currently, Barbie is still only available in theaters, but according to Warner Bros. Discovery CEO, David Zaslov the film will be coming to Max in the future. He told The Wrap, “We really believe in the motion picture window. Let this movie go to the motion picture window, play it up, build up that brand, then have it go into PVOD. Take it through these windows of economics that have worked forever, and we think work extremely well. And then put it on Max. And when it goes on Max, we think it’ll have a very good impact and that’ll be in the fall.”

Since Barbie is a Warner Bros. film, it makes complete sense that it would go to their streaming service.

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When is Barbie coming to streaming?

We don't have an exact date yet, but Warner Bros. has said it will arrive on Max "in the fall." It will go to paid video-on-demand first.

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<p>Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures</p>

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

How to stream Barbie for free

Currently there isn't a way to stream Barbie at all as it's in theaters. It will then be released on VOD for rental or purchase, and then finally sometime this fall it will go on Max for subscribers to watch for free.

Will Barbie be available to rent or buy?

Yes. Barbie will go on VOD around 45 days after it was released in theaters, meaning that it should probably be available to rent around Labor Day. Then after a period where it's available to rent and buy, it will go to streaming.

Will Barbie be on Max?

Yes. Since Barbie is a Warner Bros. movie, it will stream on their streaming platform Max.

Will Barbie be on Netflix?

While technically nothing has been said about Barbie streaming on Netflix, it's highly unlikely that the film would stream there in the immediate future since it will be going to Max.

Will Barbie be on Hulu?

Nothing has been said officially, but it's highly unlikely that Barbie would stream on Hulu in the immediate future since it will be going to Max.

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