Barack Obama Made Melania Trump Smile at a Funeral

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images


On Saturday, Barack Obama and Melania Trump were among the attendees at former first lady Barbara Bush's funeral in Houston. Although Donald Trump opted to skip event, citing concern about the disruption his security would make and respect for the family as reasons, the first lady represented the current administration and settled in next to Obama for the service, People reports.

One picture in particular of the former POTUS and current FLOTUS has the internet very pleased. In the photo, taken before the service began, Obama and Melania are seen talking and she is positively beaming at whatever Obama said to her.

“Melania looks happier at a funeral than she has in ages. Wouldn’t you too if you went from being with Donald every day to sitting next to Barack?” wrote one person on Twitter.

The general consensus on Twitter is that Melania looks happy for the first time in a while and it's quite the coincidence that it happens to be at an event (even a devastatingly sad one like a funeral) that she's attending without her husband.

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