Alabama sorority rush is taking over TikTok again

Bama Rush is back for 2022 — and the gossip this year is even wilder.

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The Panhellenic Conference of sororities is a big deal at schools in the southern U.S. Last August, it was hard to miss all the TikTok videos from the University of Alabama (aka Bama) students rushing sororities. Now Rush Week is back at Bama, and here’s how to follow the recruitment season on TikTok.

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What is Bama Rush and what are PNMs?

Every year, Potential New Members (PNMs) at Bama rush to join one of the 18 National Panhellenic Conference chapters. The University of Alabama Panhellenic Associated announced that 2,575 PNMS registered this year.

While UA Panhellenic sororities have higher bidding rates (or acceptance rates) each season compared to other schools, roughly 10% of PNMs are disqualified or drop out.

When does Bama Rush Week begin in 2022?

Bama Rush starts Aug. 6, 2022. During the weeklong recruitment event, PNMs learn about the different sorority chapters and find out if they earned a bid.

How much does Bama Rush cost?

According to, the average cost of sorority fees, in addition to Rush Week essentials, is about $4,100 for new members and $3,500 for active members who don’t live in the sorority house.

How to find Bama Rush content on TikTok

The Alabama Panhellenic Association supports PNMs’ right to share their experiences on social media.

“APA does not restrict or limit what a potential new member can post on social media as they are technically not a member of the APA community until after they accept a bid from one of the APA chapters,” UA spokesperson Shane Dorrill told

She added the caveat, “PNMs are reminded that anything they post on social media could affect their recruitment process.”

The two most popular hashtags are #BamaRush, which currently has over 753 million views, and #AlabamaRush, which currently has 142 million views.

TikToker and former recruitment counselor @eggmcmuffinofficial shared her advice on what not to wear during Rush Week.

TikToker @gracynedmondsonnn shared what she packed in her Rush Week bag, the most important being a handheld fan. Other items included hand sanitizer, makeup and a first aid kit.

User @grilledcheeseplease1 showed off looks from “Spice Girls Day” during Bama Rush.

PNM Anna Grace Gibbons danced in a Fun Dip costume for Rush Week — no context needed.

See this bedroom turn into a vibrant oasis after an incredible one-day renovation:

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