Balletcore Fashion Is Trending—Here's How to Get the Look

Look like a ballerina, even if you can't dance.

<p>Giorgio Fochesato/Getty Images</p>

Giorgio Fochesato/Getty Images

Whether you were a ballerina at one point in your life or you just appreciate a night at Swan Lake, there’s no denying that the ballerina aesthetic is sleek and sophisticated. With #balletcore collecting more than 400 million views on TikTok, this look is starting to come to the forefront of 2023 fashion trends as well.

While it's great for dance class, there are also plenty of ways to incorporate this aesthetic when you're off the barre without feeling like you're wearing a ballerina costume. Here are some easy ways to get the balletcore look along with some clothing and accessories to consider.

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Buy Some Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are timeless and look chic with everything from workwear to ordinary jeans and a t-shirt. Unlike those painful toe shoes that real ballerinas wear, ballet flats are known for being comfortable and easy to walk in.

These blush-toned flats ($138, are pure balletcore. Available in pink and blue, they feature a charming little bow and look like those old-school Capezios you probably wore to your first ballet class.

However, if you appreciate the classic satin ribbons of toe shoes, you will love these white ballet flats ($260, with striking silver straps from Alterre. Better yet, the straps are removable, so it's like having two pairs of shoes in one.



Wear a Bodysuit

There’s nothing more balletcore than a simple bodysuit. This one from Bleusalt ($120, features a traditional scoop neck and long-sleeve design. Wear it with jeans or a skirt. And unlike real ballerina bodysuits, there are snaps at the bottom, making it easier to put on and take off.



Top It Off With a Wrap Top

Wrap tops and sweaters turn any look from blah to ballerina. This cropped wrap top ($68, has a modern ballerina aesthetic, ideal to wear to barre class, Pilates, or brunch.



Don’t Forget Leggings

Comfort and balletcore combine perfectly with a solid pair of cotton leggings ($39, You can wear them under a skirt and a wrap sweater to feel like an authentic ballerina.

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<p>Hill House</p>

Hill House

Or Wear a Skirt

Feel extra frilly in a balletcore-inspired skirt, such as the Paz Skirt from Hill House ($95, With ruffles and a modern-day tutu vibe, it’s perfect for spring.

<p>The Hair Edit</p>

The Hair Edit

Add a Bow

For just a tiny touch of balletcore, add a fun accessory to your hair like this satin bow ponytail embellishment ($11, It easily hooks onto any hair elastic. It can be worn to accessorize a ponytail or a half-up half-down style.



Slip on Socks

On your way to barre or Pilates and want to feel a bit more like a professional dancer? Slip these balletcore grippy socks from Gaiam ($8, on your feet. They’re just a little fancier than regular barre socks are. The crossed elastics also help the sock form to your foot better during a plié.

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