Baker Boyd Jumps Off Wild Frozen Waterfall

How does that song by TLC go? 'Don't go chasing waterfalls. Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to.' Try telling pro skier Baker Boyd that.

Watch as Boyd risks it all for a wild line down a frozen waterfall:

Boyd acknowledges that this line looks nearly impossible in the summer months, and that mother nature is to thank for making it happen:

"Looking at this landscape in the summer makes this waterfall look impossible to ski, but winter comes around with wind and snow shedding from the cliff face filling the landing in making it possible."

If only mother nature could make it easy to ski this line. There's a big difference between 'skiable' to a pro skier and us lowly peasants.

I wouldn't consider this frozen waterfall as anything remotely close to what's possible under my abilities, but that's why I'm not a pro.

Instead, I'm a dude with an above-average ability to write silly, meaningless things about skiing and snowboarding on the internet. Oh yeah, and my wife left me, I now lives with my parents, and I have a chronically bad back.

With that in mind, I have a very difficult question to ask- Would you rather be me or a pro skier?

Who am I kidding. It's not even a competition. You obviously would trade places with me. I mean, come on! Who wants to be able to jump off a frozen waterfall anyways?

Weirdos. That's who.

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