Bad trip: Which zodiac signs should never vacation together — and which are the best travel companions

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An astrologer reveals the best and worst zodiac signs to travel with.

Summertime is upon us and with it the call of the road and the unknown.

Whether skipping town for a trip or a vacation (and as The Post reports, there is a difference), flying high, or taking the long way home, many people choose to travel with a pal or partner.

But the companion you take along and the star sign they fall under could very well be the difference between halcyon memories and abject hell.

Case in point: a survey conducted by revealed that a staggering 33% of Americans have broken up with a partner during a vacation because of divergent travel habits.

Yikes bikes, choose better, folks.

Because Mars rules our approach to getting it done, getting it on and getting after it, make sure to read for your Mars sign as well.

Happy trails!

Terrible travel companions: Leo and Scorpio

Scorpio + Leo = a no-go. Antonioguillem –
Scorpio + Leo = a no-go. Antonioguillem –

Leo is a golden retriever and Scorpio is an opossum possessed by the vengeful spirit of a long-dead druid.

Understandably, the travel vibe between those two is dicey — at best.

As astrologer Inbaal Honigman of Psychic World explains, “Leos are early to bed and early to rise, whereas Scorpios are night owls. Leos also love to tick off the big tourist spots, and Scorpio prefers to look for unknown, mysterious corners.”

Add to it that Leo is a bit of an obsessive documentarian, ever striving to get the shot that proves they were there and looked good doing it. Scorpio, meanwhile, prefers to fly under the radar and would rather eat dirt than fake a smile.

More terrible travel companions: Taurus and Gemini

Pictured: A Taurus after their Gemini travel companion suggests they stop at a chain restaurant. nicoletaionescu –
Pictured: A Taurus after their Gemini travel companion suggests they stop at a chain restaurant. nicoletaionescu –

Ruled by Venus, Taurus is a sign that likes the slow lane, the high end, and the tried and true. Gemini meanwhile is high octane, the verbal equivalent of a line of cocaine cut out on the changing table of an interstate truck stop.

Not a good match, folks.

Taurus wants to order room service and tuck into the cool confines of high thread count, while Gemini wants to talk to strangers, go to a sketchy rave, get lost, get a tattoo and or a communicable disease, and stay up all night.

Better matches

Lost but laughing? Big-time Gemini/Sagittarius vibes. uinmine –
Lost but laughing? Big-time Gemini/Sagittarius vibes. uinmine –

Taurus is blessed with a kind of hungry homing device, ever able to find the best place to eat in a square-mile radius, a quality that Capricorns and Libras will appreciate.

While inconsistency is the name of the game with Gemini, their flexibility, curiosity, effervescence and short memory make them great company. As Honigman explains, “Gemini will never take it personally if you want a change of pace or need a moment to yourself.”

Honigman recommends that Geminis hit the road with Sagittarius for the smoothest kind of sailing.

“Both Sagittarius and Gemini are happy without a set plan or a routine, and will enjoy any random adventure together, with lots of laughs and a few bruises along the way,” Honigman says.

Water signs prefer to be waterside. haveseen –
Water signs prefer to be waterside. haveseen –

There may be no better-traveling pair than fellow water signs Cancer and Pisces.

“Pisces and Cancer love to please, so each will try to fit around the other as much as possible,” Honigman explains. “They’re both happy with a long, lazy morning, then a leisurely stroll and a search for hidden gems. Both favor holidays by the water, and they can spend hours just staring at the waves, watching the sunset and sipping on a cocktail.”

Hand in hand with a drink in reach, it checks out.

The worst star signs to travel with


Aries, impulsive and impatient. encierro –
Aries, impulsive and impatient. encierro –

Honigman names Aries with their impulsive, impatient energy as the worst sign to travel with.

As she explains, “Aries are always awake, and always bored. They’re keen to look for the next activity before finishing the current activity. They are also quite independent, so when they are ready to leave, even if you’re not, they’ll just go!”

Aries are the sign most likely to lose their s–t when talking to a customer service agent and/or pitch a fit if the train is late, qualities that make them a touch too much for the more tranquil traveler — aka, all water signs, Libra and Taurus.

However, Gemini, Leo and Aquarius don’t mind insanity, so long as it’s entertaining — making them the perfect plus-ones for Aries energy.


A Capricorn and a Taurus revel in their first-class upgrade. Davide Angelini –
A Capricorn and a Taurus revel in their first-class upgrade. Davide Angelini –

Honigman warns of hitting the high road with a sea goat as your guide.

“Whilst they are practical and patient, the Capricorn love of luxury and tendency to be high maintenance can be off-putting,” she says. “They can also be intimidating and unapproachable, a trait that could be a hindrance when traveling.”

Bougie and absolutely uninterested in meeting new people? Horns recognize horns, and Capricorn is the perfect travel companion for a Taurus or a fancy AF Scorpio.

Best travel companion


With a Virgo travel pal, it’s smooth sailing and coordinated luggage. rh2010 –
With a Virgo travel pal, it’s smooth sailing and coordinated luggage. rh2010 –

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and travel, Virgos are naturally adept at handling the details of an itinerary and predicting any curveballs that might compromise it.

As Honigman expounds, “Virgos are meticulous in their planning and won’t forget or lose a single item. Print out maps of the area? Check! Lists of all local restaurants, broken down by cuisine, budget, and veggie options? Check! Mosquito repellent? They got it.”

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