Bad Bunny Confesses Inspiration Behind "Ojitos Lindos" During Live Concert

Bad Bunny Confesses Inspiration Behind "Ojitos Lindos" During Live Concert
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Bad Bunny has an extraordinary love in his life.

El Conejo Malo opened up to his fans on July 2 during his Instagram live concert on the inspiration behind the first love song he has ever written with someone special in mind, "Ojitos Lindos."

Turns out the Un Verano Sin Ti vocalist's muse was none other than his beagle puppy, Sansa.

"The most beautiful eyes I have ever seen are Sansa's, they're the cutest," Bad Bunny confessed. "I wrote it with a lot of feeling and it's the first song I write feeling love toward someone."

The tune, which has garnered almost three million streams on Spotify, is in collaboration with the Colombian electro-tropical band, Bomba Estéreo.

"Thank you so much to Bomba Estereo, to Li for singing this song and saying yes," he added. "Like I've said before there was a summer in my past where Bomba Estereo's music accompanied me and gave me life, that summer I really needed light and good vibes to survive. For example, when I was working on the Por Siempre album, Bomba Estéreo's music helped me to be happy."

The Grammy Award winner shares his dog Sansa with his long-time girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri, who also inspired many of the album's hit songs.

"I wanted to include her. This new album revolves a lot around my life, around her as well," he said. "She has always been a big part of my projects, my ideas, behind everything. I always ask for her ideas, her opinion and she's an important part."