Recipes for the Ultimate Bacon Lover

The theory of “everything’s better with bacon” has been put to the test in recent years, with artisans making everything from bacon jam to bacon-infused bourbon to bacon ice cream. And more often than not, bacon comes out victorious in those tests, because, well, everybody loves bacon.

Recent news events confirm this theory: A man named Michael Hanline was released from prison after doing 36 years of time for a crime he didn’t commit. The first thing he asked for was a hamburger. With bacon. A Michigan woman was sentenced prison after firing her gun at a McDonald's drive-through. The reason for her wrath? A bacon-less hamburger. And Pizza Hut made a group of New Jersey eighth-graders’ bacon dreams come true by turning their ultimate pizza assignment, for which they presented a bacon- and mac ‘n’ cheese–stuffed pretzel crust, into a real, edible, pie.

So in celebration of our favorite crispy, salty slab of pork, we’ve collected 22 of our best recipes that either highlight or benefit from a little bit of bacon. Enjoy.

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