Backyard Ice Rinks Are Now a Thing — Here Are the Best Ones to Shop

Hillary Maglin
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Backyard Ice Rinks Are Now a Thing — Here Are the Best Ones to Shop

Say hello to unlimited ice time — even if some public rinks are closed this winter.

If you live in a town that's dotted with picturesque outdoor ice skating rinks each winter, odds are you're missing them dearly this year. Maybe you or your kids are avid ice hockey players or figure skaters, or maybe you just like leisurely gliding across the white top with friends a few times a year. Whatever your preference, this winter has likely left something to be desired when it comes to hitting the ice.

And that's exactly why you should install a rink right in your backyard.

We know, we know — it sounds silly and impractical at first. An entire ice rink just feet from your home? Impossible, right? Well, it's not as outlandish as it sounds. Stores like Dick's Sporting Goods, Walmart, and Amazon sell ice rinks in a vast range of sizes and prices. They're designed to take up as little space vertically as possible, and they ship right to your door. So, whether your little ones want to get some skating practice in or you're just looking for something fun to do this winter, a backyard rink may be the perfect fit. Take a look at our favorites below.

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EZ Ice 15' x 30' Rink

When it comes to home ice rinks, EZ Ice is simply the best. These rinks tend to withstand weather and wear better than competitors, and they're a bit sturdier as well. Though they're some of the more expensive rinks on the market, their quality is unmatched. This 15' x 30' option is the smallest the brand makes, and it's perfect for young skaters and beginners.

To buy:, $2,100

EZ Ice 30' x 60' Large Rink

One of EZ Ice's most popular models, this large rink is double the size of the beginner 15' x 30' option. It's ideal for quiet after school (or after work) skates, or for small weekend skating parties.

To buy:, $3,900

EZ Ice 85' x 200' NHL Rounded Rink

This NHL-size rink is the mother of all backyard ice rinks. It's the largest option EZ Ice offers, and it's perfect for young figure skaters and hockey players to practice without limitation, as it is a true full-size rink.

To buy:, $14,199

Skate Anytime Ice Tile Rink

Another great and slightly more affordable option, the Skate Anytime rink uses synthetic ice tile technology which allows skaters to build the perfect, custom rink for them, no matter the temperature outside. Skate Anytime rinks comes in multiple sizes ranging from 100 to 400 square feet, and shoppers say it feels just like skating on real ice.

To buy:, from $965

Ice N'Go Pro Rink Kit

Ice N'Go's rinks use similar technology to that of EZ Ice, but the former offers a more affordable price. Ice N'Go boasts a puck-, skate-, and shovel-resistant liner, as well as accommodation for yard slope. The brand offers rinks in a variety of sizes, from 12' x 16' to 36' x 96'.

To buy:, from $349

Future Stars 2-in-1 Ice Rink

This compact rink from Future Stars is not only the most affordable option by far, but it's also one of the most useful. At 108 square feet, you can build it at 12' x 9' for figure skating practice, or at 14' x 7' to work on hockey shooting drills. However, there's nothing stopping you from building it anyway you want to simply skate on for fun.

To buy:, $40

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