Backstage With NYFW Photographer Shawn Brackbill

Where are you from?
Originally Pennsylvania but I've been in Brooklyn for the last 7 years.

How long have you been in fashion?
I shot my first NYFW show for Dazed and Confused magazine in September 2008.

What is your schedule like during fashion week?
Nonstop! I often arrive at the first show around 9 am and finish shooting the last one around 9 pm. Then it's a late night edit.

What do you do when it's not fashion week?
More photography, bike rides around Brooklyn and Queens, listening to records (anything from John Fahey to Coltrane to Kraftwerk. I've really been into Side A of Fleetwood Mac's "Mystery to Me" over the last couple months. Spending time with my wife Ashley and daughter Hazel.

What has been your favorite show?
Probably my favorite show ever was covering the backstage at Giorgio Armani "One Night Only" for CR Fashion Book. I was one of 3 photographers allowed back stage and the "First Looks" lasted almost an hour and a half!

What do you eat during fashion week?
So much of Fashion Week eating is on the run, backstage catering. A lot of backstages have been stocked with really nice juices so I go for those. My favorite NY slice of pizza, Pizza Suprema, is a block from one of the main venues so my assistant and I had to stop in for a slice.