The Bachelor's Cassie Randolph Addresses Fan Lip Filler Speculation on YouTube

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Apparently Bachelor star Cassie Randolph has been dealing with speculation about whether or not she's had filler/Botox (erm, no one's business), and decided to set the record straight publicly on YouTube.

“I can’t tell you how many times I get the question about filler and Botox and all that, and sometimes I’ll get the nastiest hate messages about work I’ve gotten done,” she said in a new YouTube video, per Us Weekly. “Sometimes I’ll get those messages, and it will have been, like, nine months since I did anything at all.”

“I’m not afraid to be open and honest about this kind of stuff because I don’t really care to not be. Personally, I like to keep it as natural as possible — err on the side of less is more, but also, to each his own,” she explained. “I feel like there’s no point in worrying about what one person chooses to do or doesn’t choose to do. Do whatever you want to do.”

Cassie then said she hasn't “gotten anything done in a really long time,” and went through procedures she's had in the past: “I get lip filler. I get Botox—I’ve gotten it in my forehead before, I’ve gotten it in my crow’s feet before, but that goes away really fast." She added that she's had cheek filler before but that “I haven’t gotten them in a long time because I naturally have really defined cheekbones.”

Watch Cassie's full video below to see her address other fan-assumptions!

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