Bachelorette Fans Are NOT Happy About Clare Crawley's Strip Dodgeball Date

Mehera Bonner
·3 min read

From Cosmopolitan

  • Bachelorette fans are calling out Clare Crawley's strip dodgeball date.

  • The date was accused of being a problematic double standard.

Last night society endured what was quite possibly the most cringe episode of The Bachelorette to date, and truly I may never recover. But aside from general awkwardness, the show got some backlash for having Clare Crawley's suitors compete in a game of strip dodgeball, wherein they took off literally all their clothes while Clare sat there staring at them. And truly, fans were not impressed, with many people on Twitter voicing concern about the show objectifying the men and forcing them to strip on camera.

To quote one viewer: "Anyone else watching the @BacheloretteABC feel like that was lowkey creepy that she made them play strip dodgeball, imagine if a Bachelor did that people would be up in arms. Like that felt very sexually harassy." And to quote another: "This #BacheloretteABC strip-dodgeball game is hella cringey. If a bachelor had asked the girls to do this, it would be severely problematic. Double-standards much?"

Meanwhile, Reality Steve responded to the concern from fans and said Bachelor Nation should be blaming the show, not Clare: "Any1 who is bitching about Clare & this date & choosing to 'make' them strip, I hope were also just as loud when Peter 'made' the women lingerie pillow fight each other," he said. "This date is ridiculous, they absolutely have a double standard, but it’s NOT on the lead. Blame the show.

Welp. Guess we'll see what 😬 things happen next week.

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