‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Matt Would Rather Kiss Chris Harrison Than Victoria

Jane Asher
·1 min read

Last night was a meaty episode of The Bachelor. We had two successful one-on-one days, a very competitive group date, infighting, tattle-telling and even a fainting moment at the end of the episode. Ingredients for an entertaining episode indeed. Let’s dive in.

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We start the episode off with a cold open at the rose ceremony. We see Sarah in the back corner start to breathe heavily and leave the set. She’s about to faint. Fade to black. What a dramatic way to kick off episode two! I love to see it.

The fainting was a good tease, but I’m ready to get into the good stuff, like the classic Bachelor shower scene, much appreciated this season thanks to Matt’s incredible body (sorry Pilot Pete, thank you, next). Chelsea...

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