Bachelor Nation's Sarah Herron Says Late Son Was 'Worth Every Shot' in Poignant Video

As Herron and fiancé Dylan Brown mourn the loss of their son, the 'Bachelor' alum is opening up about her IVF journey.

Bachelor alum Sarah Herron spoke candidly about her difficult journey with fertility treatments and the devastating loss of her son in a moving video shared on social media.

She said that despite the painful and tragic loss of her son, Oliver, who died last month at just 24 weeks, he was "still worth every shot."

The video, which was posted to Instagram on Monday and set to "Pictures of You" by The Cure, details Herron's, 36, nearly two-year experience with IVF leading up to the tragic loss of her and fiancé Dylan Brown's newborn.

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In the clip, the reality TV star explained that it took "240 days of injections" in order for the couple to start their family.

She also documented her collection of some 300 needles used to administer her IVF treatments, arranging the cluster of empty syringes into the shape of a heart around a sonogram of her late son.

"But when we lost our beautiful son at 24 weeks..." text in the video read, "he was still worth every shot," Herron confessed as a few handpicked photos of herself and Brown snuggling their newborn flashed by on the screen.

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Herron followed up with a second Instagram post featuring a close-up shot of her "syringe frame" and an explanation of her Feb. 20 Instagram Reel.

"So there’s this thing that IVF moms do where we save allllll the syringes we’ve used during our IVF journey, so that one day we can take a photo of our IVF baby with the syringes all colorfully displayed as a visual testament to the difficult road of infertility. It might seem silly, but’s a thing a lot of us IVF warriors look forward to doing. A right of passage. (IYKYK)," she wrote in the caption.

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"So, I saved all my syringes. I eventually ran out of space in my bathroom so my bedroom nightstand turned into a medical device depository. When the pharmacy would send me home with a new sharps container at each refill, I would just think to myself 'this isn’t necessary, I have gallon zip lock bags storing these babies for an art project later on.'" Herron recalled, admitting she "loved this hoarding ritual."

But when the couple lost Oliver, the grieving mother was told that she needed to continue the Lovenox injections for another four weeks, explaining the drugs were a blood thinner meant to sustain a pregnancy that no longer existed.

"It felt cruel," she said.

Herron recalled coming home to drawers full of syringes and wanting to scream out of anger, "[I was] angry that I saved every last one of these stupid syringes for the last 2 years. Angry that we’ve spent so much money on IVF, acupuncture and surgeries and we were STILL struck by lightening⚡️."

"As I took my last Lovenox shot, (a once annoying, nightly routine) I now found myself not wanting it to be the last one. I realized that I would do every last one of those shots all over again. And again. And again. Because they worked. They got me my miracle baby—a baby I got to know and love so deeply. And while Oliver’s time was cut short, having those 24 weeks with him wasn’t being struck by lightening… it was magic.✨."

The sentimental post concluded: "So this is my testament to a Oliver. #wortheveryshot."

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Her followers praised the poignant post with comments like "I love you" and "your candor is a gift, thank you for sharing it with us."

"Your ability to grieve but also understand the depth of love and miracles in Oliver’s time with you is one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen a mother do ❤️," another wrote in part.

While the couple mourns the loss of their beautiful baby boy, we hope they find comfort and peace in the love they share for each other and their family.