Baby-name TikToker reminds parents: ‘You’re naming an adult, not a baby’

A popular TikToker who frequently posts baby-name content online is making people stop and think after recently sharing her “controversial” take on how to name a baby.

TikTok user @dreambabynames has gained more than 22,000 followers since launching her account in 2021, and that’s largely because you’ll find lots of unique baby-name inspo on her feed that you might not see anywhere else.

In fact, plenty of TikTokers have complimented the influencer on her creative name suggestions in the comments.

“I gotta be honest, these are the only ‘baby name inspo’ names that I’ve actually liked,” one person wrote on a post about gender-neutral baby names. “I am impressed.”

“I need more of these pleaseeeee,” someone else wrote on a video for cool girl names.

But there’s apparently one thing about @dreambabyname’s videos that not everyone is a fan of, and it’s something she recently took time out to address.

“So, I didn’t realize how many people thought it was so odd that I use pictures of adults with my baby name recommendations,” the TikToker said in a post from Jan. 20.

Give a quick scroll through her videos, and you’ll see right away what she means.

Instead of having name suggestions pop up alongside adorable photos of chubby, smiling babies, @dreambabynames uses stock images that have a slightly vintage feel and typically feature older teens and adults.

“All these other accounts are posting babies in swaddles and bear suits, and [they’re] so cute,” the influencer said in the clip. But “I feel like it’s really important to remember that you’re naming an adult, not a baby. A baby is around for two seconds. An adult literally is going to be here for about 80 years.”

Still skeptical? Just wait — there’s a method to the madness.

“If you look at [names like] Mars, Jupiter, Moon for your baby boy next to a grown man that needs to walk in, apply for a job, maybe wants to be a doctor, a teacher, a scientist … you might change your mind,” she said.

Of course, if you’re still into the name “Moon” for an adult man, then more power to you, @dreambabynames said. But if that thought gives you pause, she said you might be making the mistake of naming a baby and not an adult.

It turns out that a lot of people agree.

“This!!” wrote one person in the comments. “My mom always said she would imagine our names on a professional letterhead.”

“As a teacher, SOOOOO many parents did not realize this and it shows,” someone else said.

“We named our daughters by saying ‘let’s go to grandma so-n-sos’ because someday they’ll be grandparents,” another commenter said. “They need adult names.”

“People love to tell me my daughter has ‘such a grown up name,'” yet another person shared. “Like, all names will eventually be grown up names.”

Since the TikTok went live, it’s racked up more than 3 million views and a wide array of opinions.

“It’s such a red flag for me, because all it tells me is that the parents want a pet baby, not children who will become real grown people one day,” one person said.

“People act like their kids are toys, literally,” said another.

At the same time, people defended some of the more “out-there” or “babyish” names, arguing that maybe we should all stop being so judgmental about them in the first place.

“We as a society should get rid of expectations behind a name,” one person declared. “Like, why can’t we make all names workplace appropriate, you know what I mean?”

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