Baby Maybe: GH’s Kate Mansi Shares Some Big News About Kids

General Hospital star Kate Mansi reveals details about her future motherhood.
General Hospital star Kate Mansi reveals details about her future motherhood.
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Kristina Corinthos, played by Kate Mansi, is carrying her sister Molly’s baby on General Hospital. In real-life, Mansi, is taking some steps to make sure that she, too, can experience the joys of motherhood.

Kate Mansi: Expecting Some Day

“March is Endometriosis Awareness Month so I’m sharing a look into my egg-freezing journey a couple years ago,” Mansi posted on Instagram. “Contrary to what I had heard and made up in my mind, it was far from the experience it’s been painted as.

“When I was diagnosed with endo back in 2015 I was told to freeze my eggs but was too afraid it would hit my mind/body/spirit too hard with the hormones,” the actress reveals. “If I’m honest, I was sure I’d get fat, lose control my skin and have depression/anxiety through the roof. So I put it off. For YEARS.”

Mansi reconsidered taking this step after her marriage ended. “[W]hen I knew my marriage was over — and this was clearly top priority. I froze my eggs at the least ideal time — in Covid, while going through a divorce,” Mansi reveals. “And yet, was filled with an immense amount of joy. Comfort and empowerment, but most of all -the gift of deeply seeing what I was capable of, physically and emotionally bc I made a commitment to myself to reframe my narrative around it.

“I made a funny playlist (which I’ll happily share), filmed myself doing every shot so I felt safe and could show doctors what I did if anything went wrong, had FT with friends lined up for after if I felt like company,” she adds. “People like [Eric Bugosh, Marisa Ramirez, ex-Gia, GH, and Shelley Henning, ex-Stephanie, Days of our Lives], who I knew would help me maintain the humor in it all. The experience was not without challenges, but the strength I gained from them only furthered my connection to myself.

“Freezing your eggs, (or anything seemingly daunting for that matter) doesn’t have to be anything more than what you choose to make it,” Mansi philosophizes. The actress’s daytime pals, including TV mom Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), chimed in with positive messages. “I’m so ridiculously impressed and proud of my girl,” Grahn wrote, adding three heart emojis to her response.