Baby kicks every time excited dad-to-be blows on mom's pregnant belly

Heather Fox (@heath_elizabeth) is a new mom who shares videos of her adorable baby on TikTok. When she was still pregnant, Heather shared a heartwarming video of her husband, Ryan, blowing on her stomach, causing her baby to kick. The video begins with Ryan leaning over Heather’s belly, a goofy smile on his face. “Ready?” he asks. To which Heather eagerly replies, “Yeah”. Ryan leans down, purses his lips, and blows on Heather’s stomach, producing a high-pitched noise. Immediately, Heather’s stomach flutters, as the baby responds to the sound by kicking. “Oh my gosh,” Ryan giggles, then blows on his wife’s stomach once more. Finally, Ryan says, “Sorry buddy, one more time,” then blows on Heather’s stomach a final time, laughing as the baby kicks once again. “Oh my god,” he says, a giant grin on his face. “He jumps every time,” Heather replies. The sweet video resonated with many parents and parents-to-be. “This is adorable! I remember that feeling so well. Miss it!” one wistful parent wrote. “My husband has been obsessively trying this since he saw this video and our baby is unfazed,” wrote one parent-to-be