Baby Hippo Born at Kansas Wildlife Park During Hanukkah Given the Most Fitting Name

Sometimes finding the right name for an animal is hard. Other times the right moniker falls right into your lap. For Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard, Kansas, the perfect name for their brand new hippo was practically a miracle. The little guy was named during Hanukkah — and was given a name to match.

The wildlife park recently introduced the baby hippo to the world in the cutest video online.

We guess it was one of those things that was meant to be. The video shows the hippo padding around his enclosure. He sure is a cutie!

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"It's time to share with the world this tiny potato's name," the video's onscreen caption reads. "He was born during Hanukkah. So we thought it would be very fitting to name him after a potato pancake dish served during Hanukkah."

"So meet...Latke!" it states. Latke! A true light! "This little cutie has a very fitting name now," the video's caption jokes.

More About Pygmy Hippos

Latke is what's known as a Pygmy Hippo — meaning that they're much smaller than the more commonly known Nile Hippos. Pygmy Hippos tend to be smaller than Nile Hippos. But they're still much (much) larger than humans. In adulthood, Pygmy Hippos can 400 and 600 pounds.

Pygmy Hippos also come from a different part of the world than Nile Hippos do. Pygmy Hippos come from the West African rainforests. They're also not as territorial as Nile Hippos. While Nile Hippos can get aggressive when their territory is invaded, Pygmy Hippos tend to be more solitary and are less confrontational.

There are similarities between the two, however. Both Pygmy and Nile Hippos are nocturnal. They also have similar diets. They're both herbivores and eat things like grasses, fruits, and plants. Both are devoted to parents their offspring, meaning they invest time and effort into raising their young, and are very protective of their calves.

Latke, the hippo baby, was actually born back on December 14 to parents Posie and Pluto. Latke was born weighing only 13 pounds. Latke is the fourth baby hippo born at the wildlife park.  Latke's parents, Posie and Pluto have been living at Tanganyika Wildlife Park since 2014. Latke is their fourth offspring together.

People on TikTok absolutely loved little Latke. "Latke, I love it! Such a little cutie," wrote one commenter. "Awww, Mazel Tov Latke!!!!" another commenter praised. "Hello Latke!" a third person cheered.

He really is the best gift.

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