Here’s what you need to know about the ‘Baby Gronk’ and ‘Livvy’ memes

A TikTok video about the football recruitment of a fourth grader has taken a life of its own and is now making people wonder: Is “Baby Gronk” the new “Drip King”?

A few days ago, Twitter user @BenShh1 posted a TikTok from @h00pify about Madden “Baby Gronk” San Miguel — a 10-year-old online football celebrity — meeting L.S.U. gymnastics star and social media influencer Olivia “Livvy” Dunne on a visit to the school.

In the video, Dunne allegedly “rizzed up” Baby Gronk and convinced him to sign with L.S.U. in the future. The phrase “Livvy just rizzed up Baby Gronk” is now trending and turning into a viral meme, with users leaning into the joke.

Who are Livvy Dunne and Baby Gronk and the Drip King?

Dunne (@livvy) is a member of the L.S.U. women’s gymnastics team. She currently has over 7.5 million followers on TikTok and is one of the biggest faces of L.S.U.’s entire athletic program. Since her time on the team, L.S.U. has finished second and third in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) Championships.

As for Baby Gronk, he went viral years back after his football highlights made their rounds. He was extremely physical and hard to tackle, earning the “Baby Gronk” nickname — paying homage to former N.F.L. football tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Caleb Hammett (@thedripkingg) also enters this equation because according to the memes, Baby Gronk “out-rizzed” him and stole Livvy from him.

What does “Livvy just rizzed up Baby Gronk” mean?

“Rizz” is a play on the word charisma, and is often used in a flirting manner. In this case, the hug that Livvy gave Baby Gronk counts as her version of “rizz.”

Following the first viral video, social media users began to create even more lore about the two and have created countless memes.

Why are these now being meme’d?

Truthfully, the memes are a product of internet culture. These are two high-profile social media stars and the video recapping their meeting used so many internet and Gen Z terms, that it could be looked at as cringey.

Still, people can’t get enough of these memes.

As the memes pour in and the legend of Livvy and Baby Gronk continues, internet users will continue to keep this story alive.

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