Baby Goat's Zoomies Before Bedtime Are Melting Viewers' Hearts

No wonder this little guy is so tired!

For most of us, those minutes before bedtime are for relaxing and winding down. For Ryder the baby pygmy goat, though, they're as good a time as any for some zoomies. At least he wears himself out before bed, right?

This goat's bedtime routine is just as cute and chaotic as it sounds, and now you can see for yourself. Ryder's family at @foxhavenpygmygoats definitely knows how to keep this little guy entertained!

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OMG! This looks like so much fun! We'd love to chase a baby goat around before bedtime, so we're just a bit jealous of the folks who get to have pajama parties with Ryder. It looks like we're not the only ones though! Viewer @darkangel129820 said, "I seriously want one," and she wasn't the only one.

"These babies are the best therapy animals," said commenter @lisagabelman456. "I had 2 and I miss them. What a joy to see. I just love 'em!!" Aww--we know exactly what you mean. The unbridled joy of a baby goat is unmatched, and they could make anyone smile. Especially when they're hopping around to Metallica!

@Nicolesnodgrass said, "OMG, this is the perfect audio for this cutie pie." We couldn't agree more! There's such a huge difference between Ryder's zoomies and his bedtime, and those zoomies sure are intense. He ran his lil' heart out!

Now, it's time to sleep for the night. It's exactly like @bloodypip said: "First, get the zoomies out of the way. Second, somebody hold me!!" Could it get any cuter than that?