Baby Goat's Fear of an Airplane Flying Overhead Tugs at Our Heartstrings

This poor, precious baby!

Everyone has their own personal fears. Some are afraid of heights, some are afraid of spiders, and some are afraid of airplanes. When you have a fear, it's important to have someone who will help and comfort you when you are scared, just like this baby goat does.

TikTok user @joshmandilk recently shared a video of one of his baby pygmy goats. In the video, he is sitting on the ground with the goat while playing guitar when an airplane appears overhead and startles the baby goat! Check out the video to see the lovely way he calmed her down.

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Awww, this video is so sweet! This awesome goat dad relaxed the baby goat with kisses, pets, and a song on his guitar. We could feel ourselves relaxing just from watching the video!

People in the comments were loving that this moment was captured on video. @_veruum said, "Everything about this is perfect," and @420jvstin commented, "Cutest video I’ve seen today!" Everything about this is absolutely precious!

Others think it's lovely that the baby goat went to this user for comfort when she was scared. @mitz_suki_ commented, "The way the cutie even went to him for comfort and pats. OMG," and @lucky_sunita_deshpande said, "Animals know when people are good." This goat definitely lovers her owner, and we would too if we were serenaded like that! 

It tugged at our heartstrings to see this baby goat so scared, but it looks like she made it through the ordeal with the help of her dad! This was just absolutely precious, and we know her dad will be there to help if a plane flies overhead again. Hopefully, they don't live near an airport!

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