Baby boy interrupts mom’s vlog: ‘I am speechless’

Sometimes you don’t need words to express the highs and lows of motherhood.

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Stay-at-home mom Sara Miller didn’t need to give an epic speech to explain what a day in her life was like. All she had to do was put her baby boy in front of the camera and wait. It was only a matter of seconds before the little guy explained everything anyone ever needed to know about parenting: It’s a stinky business.

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“This is the day in the life…” the mom said, holding her baby boy.

But before she could complete the thought, he let out the loudest fart and then a sigh of relief. The mother looked at her son in awe. She didn’t have a single question or comment for him. Miller just laughed.

“I am speechless,” Miller wrote in the caption.

People in the comment section couldn’t help but relate.

“Yes, you didn’t even have to finish the sentence, and I agree,” someone wrote.

“The sigh… You know he felt better after that one!” a TikToker replied.

“I know that’s right, little one. Better out than in. That sigh did it for me,” another commented.

“That was a grown man fart!” a user said.

“He was probably holding that in for a while,” another added.

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