Is B&B’s Liam Right, Does Finn Attending Sheila’s Memorial Service Betray Steffy’s Trust?

Attending Sheila's memorial service is up for debate.
Attending Sheila's memorial service is up for debate.

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Deacon knew throwing a memorial service was a bad idea, but he needed an official way to say goodbye to Sheila. Two people in particular had to decide whether to attend the controversial event or ignore it. Ultimately, on the April 3 episode, Hope and Finn decided to go despite everybody in the known universe disagreeing with them.

Conflict and Communication

The Great Memorial Service Debate has occupied Finn’s (Tanner Novlan — who talks Hope/Finn here) and Steffy’s minds since Deacon (Sean Kanan) called to extend a Hail Mary invite to the good doctor. Obviously, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) wanted nothing to do with Sheila alive, dead, or in a coffin. Finn, however, felt instantly conflicted. He hated what Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) did while she was alive but also felt their connection.

We sensed that Steffy wanted to put down her foot and emphatically forbid him from going. She almost said as much. She expressed shock over him contemplating going. And when Finn told her of his decision to go and pay his respects, her face said it all. So, now, she’s left figuring out whether his going will change the way she sees him.

She insisted that this wasn’t going to damage their marriage, but also, the damage was kind of done. As for Finn, it seemed like he was compelled to go to the memorial service. He made the decision immediately but had to figure out a way to break it to Steffy. He knows how she justifiably feels about Sheila. But his grief and feelings are paramount as well. Steffy started pulling away from Finn at one point, which didn’t bode well for the two.

Betrayal or Closure

Later, Liam (Scott Clifton) commiserated with Steffy, who said she had to deal with Sheila being Finn’s birth mom. She couldn’t stop Finn from going but we’re sure she hopes Finn gets the closure he needs and then puts this whole Sheila thing in the past. (Here’s what’s happening at Sheila’s memorial service tomorrow.)

Of course, Liam took the opportunity to exaggerate what going to the memorial service should mean to Steffy. He felt it was a betrayal and a misalignment of priorities. After all, Sheila didn’t raise him. He didn’t even know who she was until she crashed their wedding. So what’s wrong with him that he’s so conflicted now? And is Liam actually right?

At this point, the facts are: Finn went. He attended the memorial service. Now, Steffy has to figure out whether this changes everything for her. That his inability to let go of the psycho birth mom that she killed will get in the way of their marriage. The other day, Steffy mentioned she didn’t want their marriage to be fragile. But isn’t that exactly what it is right now and they simply haven’t realized?

Let us know your thoughts about Finn attending the memorial service and Steffy’s reaction to him attending. Also, was it simply closure that led Finn to go to the memorial service? Or was it something more, was it true, unadulterated grief that came from whatever connection he may have felt for Sheila? We may include your thoughts in a future article, so please leave them in the comment section below.

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