B&B Alum Kimberlin Brown Proves She Can Run, But She Can’t Hide

Kimberlin Brown just can't escape B&B.
Kimberlin Brown just can't escape B&B.
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Kimberlin Brown might be gone from The Bold and the Beautiful. However, the Sheila Carter portrayer just came to the realization that while she can leave the soap…the soap won’t leave her.

Liberty Biberty

Brown took to Instagram to share a clip of herself in front of a TV. Who was on that TV? Why none other than B&B’s Tanner Novlan (Finn). Brown’s TV son is in a recognizable Liberty Mutual commercial where he has a tough time saying the words.

Brown captioned the clip, “No words 😶 [Tanner Novlan] [Bold and the Beautiful CBS] #missmyson [Liberty Mutual] #libertybiberty”

Fans quickly chimed in on Brown’s post. One wrote, “Every time he is in a scene I want him to say Liberty Biberty 😂 and wonder if he ever does just to make you all laugh 😁”

“What I love about this commercial is we get to see the goofy side of this guy! But, this show is not the same without Sheila Carter in it!”

Others pointed out how much they miss Sheila on B&B. “Your son misses you! Please come back!!” begged one viewer. “Waiting for 1 of my favorite actresses to come back. ❤” another wrote.

At least a few people who replied let Brown know that Sheila fans aren’t quite sure that it was Sheila who died on the soap. “We miss you! [Kimberlin Brown] us die-hard Sheila fans believe you are not dead! 🤔🤗❤️” (How could that be? Well, we have one theory on Sheila’s death here.) “I predict that Sheila will return in dramatic fashion during May sweeps. The show is already getting stale without Sheila,” another viewer suggested.

Do you think Sheila finally met her demise on B&B? The actress just bought a new home out of state. Just for fun, check out Novlan’s performances in the hilarious commercial clips below.