Azur Lane Devs Are Making A Monster-Catching Genshin Impact-Like RPG


Manjuu Network Technology, Azur Lane developer Manjuu Network is working on an anime RPG, and it looks like what you’d get from crossing Palworld and Genshin Impact. It’s called Azur Promilia, and Manjuu debuted 12 minutes of gameplay alongside the announcement.

They call Azur Promilia a “creature companionship fantasy world RPG,” which is a lot of words for saying this is a fantasy game with friendly critters. The footage shows a player character moving around a gorgeous grassland that’s definitely inspired by Genshin Impact, with hints of Gust’s Atelier Ryza games thrown in. A floaty blue creature accompanies them, though the player swaps that one out for a wolf when combat starts.

Combat also has big Genshin Impact vibes. Azur Promilia uses a real-time action system with basic attacks, skills, and bursts, just like Genshin, and numbers flying all over the place. Promilia’s character selection looks a bit more like Honkai Impact 3rd, though, as it leans more heavily toward a female-only cast that’s just shy of being oversexualized. Genshin and Honkai Star Rail have done much better at mixing character genders in the past few years.

Anyway, there’s also a creature-breeding system, material harvesting, and what looks like most of the other staples of modern open-world games.

The footage doesn’t show much of what Azur Promilia is actually about, though Manjuu does have a brief description.

“Step into a fantasy world, utterly different from the world you know,” it reads. “The world of various civilizations, magic and incredible fantasy creatures, together with tales echoing in the starry sky. Take a daring leap from the sky into the ocean, to once again encounter and bond with new life. Guided by shooting stars, amid the sparkling constellations, this is your very own journey. The entire universe eagerly anticipates the ballad of stars and odyssey, exclusively yours to unfold.”

Which is also a lot like Genshin Impact.

Azur Promila has no release date yet, but it’s expected to launch for PC, Android, and iOS devices.