Ayesha Curry Wants You To Wear Bantu Knots For the Holidays

Ayesha Curry Hair on Sweet July Cover
Ayesha Curry Hair on Sweet July Cover
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Micaiah Carter

Believe it or not, the holiday season is right around the corner. But with this years festivities being distinctly different than years past, should we also be re-thinking the way we wear our hair to small family gatherings and Zoom Christmas parties this year?

According to Ayesha Curry, the answer is why not?

For the second issue of Sweet July, which highlights the holidays, the lifestyle expert opted to style her knotless braids into regal bantu knots for the cover, a look that's not usually seen on this type of platform.

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"I knew right off the bat that I wanted bantu knots," Curry shares exclusively with InStyle. "I've been loving my braids, rocking my braids, but for the photos we've seen this before. I just wanted to do something special with them, but I didn't want to take them out — that's why I thought 'let's just do bantu knots!'"

Ayesha Curry Hair on Sweet July Cover
Ayesha Curry Hair on Sweet July Cover

Micaiah Carter

As for the general art and beauty direction of the cover, the mother-of-three wanted the holiday-themed shoot to represent how we've had to adapt to the pandemic by focusing on minimalism, all while having a clear fashion element present.

"I still wanted to find a way to bring that holiday vibe," she says. "[But] the reason why there's no food on the table is because it's a reflection of the times we're living in right now and just the fact that we are having to scale things back significantly and make things simpler."

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Sweet July's holiday issue aside, Curry recently made headlines for wearing platinum blonde hair. But to be honest, as someone who switches up her hair quite often, she didn't understand the hoopla around her hair change.

"The simple truth is that I was in Canada with my best friend, who is the queen of wearing different colored wigs," she shares. "She was like 'No, I'm not letting you do what you do every single day. You're either doing blonde or you're doing pink.' So that's literally how it happened."

Since Curry is currently focused on nourishing her natural curls, the likelihood of her dying her own hair platinum blonde is slim to none at the moment. Instead, she loves using rich deep conditioning treatments, or the Comb Out Crème from Beauty by Dr Kari. Otherwise, she explains her hair is usually in braids or a top knot.

That said, it's no surprise that she's been encouraging her two daughters — Riley, 8 and Ryan, 5 — to love and embrace their natural curls, a journey she admits has its ups and downs.

"We go through phases with them," she shares. "I would say when school was in session and we weren't doing the whole homeschool thing I'd get a lot more of the, 'Oh mommy, can I wear my hair straight?' And I'd be like, 'No, you've got beautiful curls, we're going to leave it that way.' But I feel like we're at a point where they're really loving it right now."

And, of course, it also helps to see their mom on her own magazine cover with her hair in beautiful braids and bantu knots.

Sweet July's holiday issue hits newsstands on Oct. 30.

Photography: Micaiah Carter. Styling: Sherri McMullen. Set Designer: Bette Adams. Hair: Jessica Mayeux. Makeup: Ashley Bias.

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