Ayesha Curry Shares Some Opinions on ‘Classy’ Fashion, Internet Explodes


Curry is the latest to spark a debate on how women should dress. (Photo: @ayeshacurry​)

The debate on what is appropriate for women to wear if they want to be perceived as respectable continues with Ayesha Curry, wife of Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry. Curry went on Twitter last night to despair about the state of popular fashion as she browsed a weekly style magazine. “Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters,” she tweeted, with a few cry-laughing emojis. “Just looking at the latest fashion trends. I’ll take classy over trendy any day of the week. #saturdaynightinsight.”

Any comments about the propriety of anyone, especially women’s clothing, is bound to start a debate and of course, Curry’s words sparked a spirited back-and-forth about her mentions. Some people took offense to the statement, which they thought implied that women who choose not to “cover up” as much are somehow less classy than those who choose to wear a bit more. “Ok lmao what is your point people can dress how they want, your opinion is irrelevant,” one tweeter said. “But who says showing a little skin isn’t classy?” remarked another. “If you think a woman deserves more or less respect depending on her clothing…. thats internalized misogyny,” a user wrote out before adding, “the way you dress has nothing to do with the way you ‘hold yourself’, nor does it have to do with sexual promiscuity.”


Ayesha Curry flaunts her personal style on Instagram. (Photo: @ayeshacurry​)

Of course, some people took Curry’s words as an opportunity to shame women who might not “keep the good stuff covered up” as much as they think they should. “Women these days don’t respect themselves, carry themselves like sluts & think its cute,” one person tweeted. “Thank you for wearing clothes and being happily married with kids. goals.” another quipped. “Beautiful tweet women don’t realize thirst traps make you come off like a hoe or bird honestly to real men,” one fellow we assume considers himself a “real” man said.

Again, we’re faced with the old fashioned notion that women need to keep their bodies more covered in order to be seen as respectable or worthy of being treated like a human being. Curry is more than entitled to express her opinion, but the fact is, propriety is a spectrum and what she might think is “classy” might be trashy to another person and therefore in their eyes, deem her unworthy of the respect she deserves. Which is totally unfair.

But the bigger problem is that people took her words as an excuse to slut shame other women when that was not her intention. “Regardless of if you like my ‘style of clothes’ or not (which I don’t care) please do not tear women down and degrade them… Not cool peeps,” she tweeted after the whole thing blew up. Curry wasn’t necessarily inviting people to speak badly of women who might prefer more revealing fare; she was just expressing a preference. But as a high-profile figure, you walk a fine line, and unfortunately, people take your words as the standard or what should be the standard. An innocent comment for a regular person is enough to spark a firestorm when you have a large platform, as Curry found out.

Still, women shouldn’t be required to dress a certain way in order to be looked at as human beings with feelings who deserve basic respect. And wearing more or less clothes does not necessarily mean you will find a partner who respects you, as some commenters implied. Nor is it necessarily a good indicator of your “classiness,” or whether you have good values. Besides, there are plenty of happily married women who parade around in little to nothing and are still good wives, good mothers and good people in general. We always scrutinize over the way women dress, but regardless of how you feel, it shouldn’t matter if a woman is in a pantsuit or a skimpy dress – we all deserve for our humanity to be acknowledged.

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