Avril Lavigne And Tyga’s Connection May Be Too Hot To Handle At Times, Says Astrology

Avril Lavigne and Tyga getting together was definitely not on my 2023 Bingo Card, but, hey, sometimes life can be unpredictable.

ICYMI: The “Sk8er Boi” singer, 38, and “Rack City” rapper, 33, seemingly confirmed their relationship when they were spotted packing on the PDA outside the Mugler x Hunter Schafer Paris Fashion Week party on March 6, per Page Six. “The musicians could not wipe the smiles off their faces as they shared multiple smooches in front of lots of people,” the outlet reported.

The budding connection between the “Complicated” rocker and “Chosen” (no pun intended) rapper is “very new” and “very casual,” according to a source that spoke to People.

The hard launch of their ‘ship comes less than two weeks after sources confirmed that the “Girlfriend” songstress said “See you later, boy” (sorry, had to) to ex-fiancé, Mod Sun, 36. The pair called off their engagement on February 21 after dating for 10 months.

Earlier that same week, on February 20, Avril and Tyga were spotted hugging after sharing a meal at Nobu in Los Angeles, per TMZ. Although, sources at the time said they were “genuinely friends and nothing more,” according to People. “There was absolutely no third party involved in the split,” the source told the publication.

Despite the wonky timeline surrounding their burgeoning romance, there’s a reason why these two felt pulled to each other. “Tyga and Avril have a very intense connection,” says intuitive astrologer Rachel Lang. Pluto and Scorpio have a lot of influence over their relationship. Read: “When it’s good, it’s amazing, but conflict can be an invigorating force, too,” Lang says.

But wait, there’s more! Lang analyzed both Avril and Tyga’s birth charts to determine their astrological compatibility, and while their dynamic may be, ahem, passionate, it’s nothing they can’t handle.

Because of their Sun signs, Avril and Tyga are in for a wild ride.

According to Lang, this new couple is in for an impassioned relationship—or a short fling.

Tyga’s Sun sign is in Scorpio (the sign of intense passion and mystery), while Avril’s Sun is in Libra (the sign of romance, flirtation, and partnership). As a Scorpio, Tyga doesn’t just skim the surface when it comes to relationships, he goes all in, says Lang. Even if the relationship doesn’t last a lifetime, “he’s going to form a strong bond and have a need to feel secure,” she explains.

Meanwhile, for a Libra like Avril, there’s always going to be some push and pull between wanting to be free and express herself and wanting to be in a balanced, committed relationship, Lang explains. While Tyga might enjoy Avril’s free-spirited, go-with-the-flow attitude now, her fickleness and lack of commitment may frustrate him in the long run.

But trust may be an issue for this pair due to the Moon.

Avril’s Moon, the luminary related to our feelings and family, is in Scorpio, the same sign as Tyga’s Sun. “With their Scorpio influences, trust is going to be a big factor in their relationship,” says Lang. Basically, it’s not something they easily give up.

Like Tyga, Avril is prone to testing the waters of a commitment before diving in deep and opening up completely, Lang says. These two are going to challenge one another throughout the early stages of dating to make sure it’s safe to fully relax into love, Lang adds.

But once the coast is clear, this couple will be loyal to the core. With Tyga’s Moon in Leo, when he lets someone into his heart, he doesn’t let go easily, says Lang. “This is a secure match for Avril’s Scorpio Moon, which has the same tendency to hold on, even when a relationship isn’t at its healthiest or after it’s reached a point of no return,” she explains. Let’s just hope it’s smooth sailing for this pair.

Watch this to learn more about how your Moon sign influences your personality:

The relationship may feel fated, thanks to Juno and Saturn’s influence.

Juno is an asteroid that symbolizes marriage and partnership, explains Lang, and Tyga’s Juno is in conjunction with Avril’s Moon, Venus (the planet of love and romance), and Pluto (the planet of renewal and rebirth). Translation: “This points to a level of stability that would make them feel as if they are meant to be together,” says Lang.

It’s also worth adding that Tyga’s Sun is in a tight conjunction with Avril’s South Node, a destiny point that represents your past life and deep karma, says Lang. Meaning, these two might feel like they were brought together for a purpose—there’s a level of fate at play.

But just because a relationship is fated, doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy (or even healthy). Avril’s Saturn, the planet of stability and structure, is conjunct Tyga’s Pluto, showing a real past life or karmic connection, explains Lang. “They’re learning to navigate deep feelings for one another, while also working to maintain a balanced sense of power in the relationship.” With this couple, emotions are intense, and may even be extreme. And, as Saturn represents the past, it’s important that they don’t let past relationships or traumas get in the way of their growing love story, she adds.

Lang shares that this is a spicy romance that, at times, can be smoldering. But if these two prioritize having fun together, that fire will warm them, not burn them.

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