Austrian daredevil records his heart-stopping bungee jump off a 429-foot dam on a Vespa

Emerald Pellot
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Adrenaline junkies get ready because this Austrian daredevil’s stunt is about to get your blood pumping.

Günter Schachermayr hopped on his favorite Vespa scooter and then bungee jumped off a 429-foot dam. Schachermayr’s goal was to be the first person in history to bungee swing while on a vehicle. A dedicated team ensured the stuntman could pull off the trick by reinforcing the Vespa body and using specially-built fiber ropes.

In the footage, you can watch Schachermayr jump off of the Schlegeis dam. The motorcycle spins multiple times but luckily he’s unharmed and safe. Another angle shows the descent from his perspective. He holds onto the motorcycle steers and shouts — it definitely looks like a rush.

Schachermayr later told GP One that he actually blacked out for a second when he first leaped. Even daredevils get scared, so please do not try this at home.

“I have done a lot of stunts in the past with my Vespa, but being so close to such a powerful concrete wall seemed really brutal and scary,” the 42-year-old told Newsflare. “Now all video and image material for Guinness are being broadcast and we are hoping for an entry in the Book of Records.”

Schachermayr has done other Vespa stunts in the past like setting the world record for kitesurfing on one and modifying the scooter so he can drive underwater for 20 minutes. It looks like another mission accomplished!

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