Australian Shepherd's Reaction to Trying Chicken and Rice for the First Time Is Everything

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The dog's eyes say it all.

Chicken and rice is a canine classic, there's just no denying it. It makes a quick, easy, and bland dinner that will be just as easy on you as it will be on your dog's stomach. Still, many pups consider this combination a delicacy, and now you can add this Australian Shepherd, Apollo, to the list. 

His mama, who goes by @allyandthedogs on TikTok, recorded the moment he first tried chicken and rice handed to him on a plate. Yep, this precious pup had his dinner held up for him to munch at the most comfortable level, and we are loving it. The look on his face is one-of-a-kind. 

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LOL--those eyes tell the whole story! This was certainly not the dinner Apollo was expecting, but it's the kind of service he deserves--especially since he works hard as Ally's service dog, too!

"My mans is LIT," commented @mamaheath30--right? He must think he's hallucinating with the way he's looking at that plate! It's just like @msmarymack said: "He couldn’t believe it!"

In fact, some of the viewers couldn't believe Apollo's eyes really look like that. @Becomingemily admitted, "I thought those were Googly eyes stuck to him at first 😅😅." LMAO! Now that she mentions it, we can totally see it too. But there are no props here! 

"Getting free chicken?" asked @jim1643. "Normally he’s gotta pay for it?" Exactly! In the comments, Ally explained that Apollo normally gets chicken as a reward for training, and not as a regular snack. No wonder he was in such shock! That also explains what @chezlego noticed: he "really picked out the chicken from the rice 🤣." What a funny dude!