Australian confectioners share viral ASMR candy-making videos

Emerald Pellot

Sydney-based candy shop Sticky specializes in handmade hard candies. The company has amassed over 1.6 million followers on TikTok thanks to its behind-the-scenes clips. It turns out making sugary artisanal treats is the perfect ASMR.

Sticky workers use traditional techniques to make rock candy right in front of customers every day, so it’s only natural the brand started sharing the process on social media too. 

In one video highlighting various preparation methods the company asked, “Which was the best for ASMR?” AMSR is all about oddly satisfying sounds and making rock candy is full of some interesting noises apparently.


Which was the best for asmr? #lollies #candy #satisfying #asmr #sticky #australia #sydney #oddlysatisfying #art #food #handmade

♬ original sound – stickyaustralia


Which was the best for asmr? #lollies #candy #satisfying #asmr #sticky #australia #sydney #oddlysatisfying #art #food #handmade

♬ original sound – stickyaustralia

The clip starts with a sludge of sizzling sugar on a stove. Next, it’s hard candy pieces clattering together as a worker spreads them around. Then giant slabs of rubbery sugar slap onto a metal hook. The next scene finds a worker rolling plastic candy wands on a metal surface to make a clacking sound as they collide. Finally, two artisans chip away at hard candy wands to make some clinks

The visually vibrant and audibly soothing video received 5.2 million TikTok views. 

“The hook thingy!” one person chose as the winner. 

“The candies rolling and being spread around 100%,” another user declared

“Rolling the candy sticks and breaking the sticks into bits,” one user wrote.

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