What’s Your Aura Color? Find Out Here—Plus, What It Reveals About Your Personality

Have you ever met someone whose energy drew you in? Something about their vibe or aesthetic just had a magnetic pull on you. It’s true that some people just have that influence on others, but there’s also a chance the thing you were attracted to was their aura color and energy.

An aura or energy field is a small electromagnetic field that radiates all around you. Every living thing is said to have aura energy—and these energies emit a specific color that encircles a human body or any animal or object. “The aura has been depicted in many forms of art throughout history as a glowing light surrounding the body. This is how it looks to a clairvoyant or aura reader,” says intuitive aura reader Janet Rae Orth.

In addition to influencing the way you view the world and move through it—your aura energy can show you and others a lot about your personality, worldview, hopes, dreams, and more. “Very specific information concerning the attitudes, patterns, and life experiences of a person are recorded within the energy of an aura, and this energy is visible to a clairvoyant or aura reader as clear as a picture,” Orth explains.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about finding your aura color and understanding its meaning. Plus, our aura expert guide will walk you through a simple and easy technique to try at home that will help you see all the different aura colors around you, your friends, and all the people around you. Read on to find your aura color.

How To Find Your Aura Color



Reading auras is a skill that anyone can learn, however, it takes time and practice to do well. If you’re looking for a clear answer about your aura color energy, it’s best to meet with an aura reader for a session in-person. Many readers can see all the colors of a person's aura in a single session, and some use special aura cameras to capture a person's aura on film. However, if you're someone who likes to try things for yourself, there is an easy method you can try for reading your aura at home.

Start by finding a quiet and peaceful place in your home where you can clear your mind and tune into your surroundings. Find a comfortable position and close your eyes, allowing the world around you to fade into the periphery. These are the ideal conditions to find “your space” within yourself—a peaceful pocket of serenity in your mind. “Go within and from the space of inner quiet; you will know yourself. From this space, you can ask yourself what is in each layer, what color it is, and what the color means to you,” says Orth.

You may start to see the colors shift before you and appear out of the darkness—this is your aura energy! If you don’t see any colors, however, that’s alright. Open your heart and see if you can feel the energy of a certain color around you. Are you thinking of sunshine? Your aura color could be yellow. Do you feel the ocean air on your face? Maybe your aura color is blue. The key is not to pressure yourself into finding the answer on your first attempt. Remember, it takes time and patience to allow your energy to flow freely.

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Can Your Aura Color Change?



Everyone has a core aura color, but as Orth explains, your aura color can shift and take on additional shades and hues as you move through life. “As a person’s feelings, beliefs, concerns or attention changes, so do the colors of their aura,” says Orth. “The various different colors of the aura reflect a vibration or quality of the state of the individual’s aura at any given time.”

These periods of time where your aura color goes through major changes only ever happen during major transitions in life. Oftentimes, your aura color will stay the same for long periods of time and directly reflects what you’re feeling or experiencing in life. Another thing to note is that not all aura color shades are the same.

For example, you and a friend might both have a core aura color of blue—but one of you might have a dark shade of blue while the other has a lighter shade. While there could be an overlap in colors or similarities in energy, they are not all the same color. This is just one example of how everyone you meet can have their own unique aura color energy.

What Your Aura Color Says About Your Personality

Once you find out your aura color(s), you’ll need to learn how to interpret them. Because most people’s aura consists of several colors, hues, and shades, it’s important to understand how they’re all playing off each other. Brighter aura colors are healthier and more positive, while duller shades have less of an influence on your energy or show your aura is out of alignment.

If your aura contains several overlays, where one color is dominant over others, this indicates that one part of your personality is overshadowing another and preventing it from reaching its full brightness. You might benefit from an aura cleansing or focusing your meditative practice on enhancing the aura colors that are being overlaid.

Combination auras occur when the colors of your aura mix together and form intricate patterns or shapes or spots or blends. It’s still possible to see the dominant aura color in the mix–however, the brightness and shape will blend more seamlessly than an overlay aura. Having a combination aura means your energies are well-balanced and attuned to one another.

And finally, is a person who presents a single strong aura color with no additional colors or patterns. This is very rare in aura energy and can indicate a person who has a singular life goal or mission. It also means this person whose outward projection matches how they see themselves on the inside.

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Red Aura Color Meaning



Red auras are associated with vitality, power, energy, and motivation. A bright red aura energy is a sign of someone with a healthy ego and outlook on life. They take themselves seriously, but not so much that they can’t have a little fun. People with red auras lead with love and put their hearts into everything they do.

People born with red as the dominant color of their aura always seem to have a clear idea of who they are and what they want to accomplish in life. “Red auras are very passionate, and there’s a lot of feelings of love or strong excitement or emotion,” says Orth. “These people pursue their dreams fearlessly and without worry.”

Orange Aura Color Meaning



Orange auras are symbolic of creativity, confidence, charisma, and charm. These people are very connected to the world around them. They like to get their hands dirty–and they aren’t afraid to be seen failing. “Orange auras are fueled by excitement and novelty. It’s a very positive energy that can help keep the flames of passion burning,” Orth says.

These people make excellent teachers or mentors or even entrepreneurs in some cases. You’ll know you’ve met someone with an orange aura because they’re always surrounded by friends or looking to make new ones. They love to explore outside of their comfort zones in order to learn more about what life has to offer.

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Yellow Aura Color Meaning



Yellow auras are just as bright and radiant as they sound. People with yellow as their dominant aura crave freedom of expression. And they just can’t help but be themselves! “Yellow is like the sun, positive, cheerful–and people with yellow aura energy are the same. They bring a sense of warmth with them wherever they go and have an optimistic attitude in life,” explains Orth.

These people are drawn to experiences or friendships or relationships that don’t try to stifle them or hold them back. Yellow aura energy cannot be contained–and it will fight to express itself whenever it can. So, it’s best for people with yellow auras to follow their bliss in life and share their shine with others.

Blue Aura Color Meaning



Blue auras have a very grounding and calming effect on the mind, body, and spirit. This is the color of relaxation and mindfulness, and it indicates a person with a patient and calm personality. “Blue auras are like the ocean. It can be deep feelings, like the depth of the ocean. It can be calm and certain. They represent a strong emotional foundation or someone who is very stable and solid,” says Orth.

Not only does having a blue aura indicate strength and patience, but it can also highlight emotional sensitivity as well. These people are very tuned into their intuitions and know themselves better than most. And they tend to have a stronger connection to their spiritual world and their third-eye energy. They make excellent healers, artists, creatives, and community builders.

Green Aura Color Meaning



Green is one of the most positive colors for an aura. “Green represents growth, change, enthusiasm, expansion, success, and money. It is also healing. So when green comes in, success is coming,” Orth explains. These people have excellent communication skills and a close connection with their heart’s desires.

When there is green in the aura, a person tends to have more energy, more money, socialize more, and be more fulfilled on a soul level. Not to mention, they seem to have luck in whatever they pursue. These people can succeed in careers associated with the earth or nature or gardening or environmentalism–or professions that deal with finances and money.

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Purple Aura Color Meaning



Purple auras are a sign of a deep spiritual connection to the Universe. It’s a sign of someone who is drawn to a singular goal or passion in life that guides all of their choices. And the events of their life may even feel fated by a force outside of their own. These people may have been born with special gifts or might be initiatives or psychics themselves.

“Purple aura energy is self-empowerment, purpose, aligning with your true self and true nature,” says Orth. “These people don’t stray from the path often, and they work toward personal empowerment daily.” It’s not common to see a solid purple aura in someone, as purple is one of the rarest aura colors around. More often than not, it’s an accent shade within a person's aura color mix and often comes at a time when you need a little extra faith and luck in life.

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