This auditory illusion is going to make your brain cry

If you’re looking for some unexplainable anxiety, look no further than this TikTok showcasing the Shepard Illusion.Michael McBride is a content creator who runs the TikTok account idea.soup, which has bite-sized facts about all sorts of topics.McBride’s most popular video, which is at almost 6.5 million views, is likely to give you a headache though.The video starts out with, “There’s no way this is a loop” and transitions to McBride listening to a series of tones.“This is an auditory illusion,” McBride writes in the video.When listening to the tones over and over, the TikTok does seem like it’s on a loop and that the tone just keeps getting higher and higher.In reality, it’s the same sequence of notes, and the illusion can be applied to the tone decreasing in pitch too

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