Attorney For Goldendoodle Who—Allegedly—Dirtied His Family's Couch Speaks Out

muddy white golden doodle; dirty doodle tiktok
muddy white golden doodle; dirty doodle tiktok

Courtesy of otis_thedoodle / TikTok

As Otis the goldendoodle's attorney, I have to say the accusation that he dirtied his family's couch with muddy zoomies is utterly baseless.

Yes, a TikTok on his account shows the furry boy being extremely muddy next to an equally muddy couch. But my client tells me his mud isn't the mud on the couch. They're completely unrelated.

Remember, more than 28 million views on an admittedly very funny TikTok doesn't equal guilt. Otis is innocent. Look how nicely he is sitting!

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This case is closed. There is no more evidence, so see you la—

Ah man. Sorry, Otis. You've been sentenced to a bath.