Attitash, NH Cancels Summer Operations For Second Year In A Row

Attitash Mountain, NH, recently acknowledged that guests primarily visit the resort during the winter.

Therefore, the resort plans to focus this summer's improvement efforts on gearing up for next season, which means there will be no summer operations this year.

See below.

The improvements involve pre-emptively maintaining their snowmaking infrastructure and reconnecting snowmaking on Tightrope, maintaining lifts, trails, and buildings to minimize any disruptions or impacts during the winter season.

Attitash has announced its plans to decommission the mountain coaster and zip lines, citing aging infrastructure.

"With the removal of the mountain coaster, we will be bringing back the Hunky Dory trail for natural skiing and riding."

Attitash will also work on painting all of the detachable lift terminals with Attitash blue, putting new carpeting in lodges, and reconnecting the snowmaking on Tightrope.

We caught up with General Manager Brandon Swartz and Communications Manager Abigail Allen of Attitash Mountain for more clarity on what's going on at Attitash this summer.

Attitash Summer Operations Q&A

What were the responses from skiers on closing day this season?

Brandon Swartz: "The Mountaineer transformed the flow around the mountain in a couple of different ways, first by providing easier access to all the lifts in the base area of Attitash. The Mountaineer also reduces ride time by more than half, increases uphill capacity, and improves the flow of the Attitash base area."

What are the new GM’s plans? Have you noticed any significant changes at the resort?

Abigail Allen: "Since Brandon arrived during the winter of 2021, Attitash has introduced two new major Epic Lift Upgrades: the Progression Quad and the Mountaineer. 

Attitash also repaired and reconnected snowmaking on Spillway, upgraded the Kachina Triple drive, and replaced the Flying Bear haul rope, while continuing to maintain the trails, buildings, and other lifts."

What does maintaining your snowmaking infrastructure look like this summer? Can you talk about the process of reconnecting snowmaking on Tightrope?

Brandon Swartz: "The snowmaking team at Attitash has already begun replacing and reconnecting snowmaking on Tightrope. Last week, they were welding together pipes and began transporting the welded sections up the mountain.

We will continue to prioritize making snow on the signature upper mountain trail system to improve the flow around the mountain and provide a more consistent base on our upper mountain trails throughout the season." 

What is most exciting about Hunky Dory trail once again opening for skiing?

Brandon Swartz: "Hunky Dory provides more access to progressive terrain at Attitash off the Flying Yankee lift, making it easier for beginners and intermediate skiers to improve their skills and enhancing the overall guest experience."

Because you cannot bring back public summer attractions this season, do you have alternative plans in place for guests?

Brandon Swartz: "There are several options for activities in the Mount Washington Valley for guests to enjoy while we are planning for next winter and future operations including fishing across the street from Bear Peak at Thorne Pond and hiking or biking through the trail system in conservation area. These trails are excellent for those who are new to mountain biking.

Wildcat, our sister resort just up the road, will also offer summer scenic chairlift rides and frisbee golf. Wildcat is also on the 4,000-footer list and has incredible views of Mount Washington."

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