Astrology Says Minka Kelly And Trevor Noah Bring Out The Best In Each Other

Photo credit: Christine Giordano / Getty
Photo credit: Christine Giordano / Getty
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A little space is always good. It was for Minka Kelly and Trevor Noah. After a brief break because of their conflicting work schedules, the couple recently got back together and took a trip to St. Barths, reigniting the buzz about their romance.

The stars first got together in August 2020. They moved in and quarantined together—all while keeping things on the DL. In May of the following year, they split but were reunited by December.

It’s not all that surprising they were drawn back together. "There’s an ease with which they relate, making for a happy relationship," says intuitive astrologer Rachel Lang who analyzed the couple’s birth charts. "Trevor’s Pisces Sun is in a favorable trine aspect with Minka’s Cancer Sun." Their strong connection, she says, makes for a friendship and romantic connection between them.

There’s also a spiritual element to this relationship. Trevor’s Jupiter and Neptune in Capricorn are opposite Minka’s Cancer Sun. "They have an almost- psychic connection," Lang says. "Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion, and this aspect indicates a strong support for one another’s dreams." Because of this unwavering support they offer one another, they’ve grown as individuals. Trevor, for example, has become more generous because of Minka, says Lang. They’re bettering themselves for the other. But this is only the beginning.

Ahead, Lang breaks down all the ways the cosmos have deemed Minka and Trevor a match made in heaven and why it’s likely to stay that way.

Neptune and Pluto bring this relationship tons of passion and romance.

Trevor's Neptune stands opposite Minka's sun creating a "deep, compassionate, and loving connection between them," says Lang. It's also the reason Minka and Trevor's relationship is full of romance. Thing is, Neptune has a funny habit of making people in love see things with rose-colored glasses, so it's important for Minka and Trevor to stay realistic.

Pluto plays a big role, too. It brings passion and chemistry that goes way beyond surface level. The dwarf planet helps facilitate the kind of bond that runs deep.

They share a similar mindset thanks to all these air sign placements.

Minka's Venus is at a favorable angle from Trevor's Mercury. "This indicates they appreciate one another’s perspectives, and they share a similar approach to making decisions about their social life, as well as their home," says Lang.

And because Minka's Venus is in Gemini, Trevor's Moon in Libra, and his Venus is in Aquarius, they've got tons of air sign compatibility. That means they approach life in similar ways, giving their relationship an "emphasis on friendship, communication, and sharing ideas," Lang adds.

Mars and Saturn give them staying power.

"Trevor’s Mars is in a favorable sextile aspect with Minka’s Saturn, showing that they have the ability to build a solid relationship over time," says Lang. Their relationship's romantic and intense, but they've also got the comfort aspect that allows them to feel at home with each other.

"Fortunately, with Trevor’s Mars in conjunction with Minka’s Uranus, they can maintain the spark for a long time," Lang adds. While they're both the type to relish their freedom and work toward their respective goals, that spark isn't likely to burn out any time soon.

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