People Are Sharing The Actual Essentials They Can No Longer Buy Because They've Gotten So Expensive, And I Am So Mad

There's been a lot of talk about the high prices of basic groceries like eggs lately.

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But eggs aren't the only necessities that are pricier than usual.

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So, I recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share what essentials they've had to cut back on recently, and a lot of the answers were (unfortunately) pretty relatable.

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Here's what they had to say:

1."Absolutely, eggs are one of the things I miss so much. They were cheap protein. They are important for most baking, and that's unfortunate, but other 'cheap' meals have also skyrocketed."


2."Definitely food. I'm paying more for less groceries; it's crazy."


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3."I stopped buying avocados and jackfruit. Economic decline can't touch me now."


4."Fresh fruit like strawberries or raspberries, even in Aldi, it's expensive, so now it’s a treat."


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5."Strawberries, eggs, almond milk, avocados."


6."It's up to 10 bucks for a pint of berries where I live."

ur mom

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7."Stopped drinking a lot of soda. $7-$9 for a 12-pack of cans is crazy for my budget. So, it's out now."


8."Ground coffee. I don't think the price has really gone up, but with everything else going up, it's a luxury I can cut. I used to get international snack and candy boxes on Amazon, which was interesting and a lot of fun. Those were the first to go last year."

"Most of everything else, I don't buy unless it's on sale."


"Where we are in Ontario, ground coffee has gone up unfortunately, ): not enough to completely stop, but enough to settle on brands we don't love if they're cheaper that week, and my coffee-addicted husband has cut down his coffee intake *a lot*. It sucks, too, but as I currently don't have access to ADHD medication, coffee is the thing that helps me focus the most."


ground coffee
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9."I went to the grocery store and could not believe the price of breakfast cereal. My son loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but $8 a box? Nope. The worst part is that now that the cereal costs that much, why would the company ever reduce the price? Even if the economy rebounds, our name-brand food prices will never be low again."


10."I live in a low-cost-of-living state where the average household income (two people) is, like, $50K. A pound of ground beef was $4.99 the other day at the store. On sale. I used to get it for $1.50/lb two years ago."


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11."We had to cut our food spending down to the bare basics — the cheapest possible protein, veggie, and grain combos. No sauces, just basic spices, no snack foods whatsoever. Just water to drink and some milk for the kids."


12."This isn’t a necessity, but I bought ONE tomato today in NL for 1.80 euros."


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13."Soup, beans, butter, cheese. Crisps!!! Basic items you’d get in the war (even if rationed), but come on, being out-priced for a tin of soup is a joke (UK reader)."


14."I'm in the UK, and right now, we're going through something called 'cost of living crisis' — grim, right? To keep having a roof over our heads and covering the rent, we've had to cut back on everything. Our family is down one meal a day with either a glass of milk for breakfast and toast (butter prices are crazy atm). We don't put the heating on and rely on blankets. We do a laundry load every two weeks and shower only once a week. Every electrical plug is off the wall sockets and only plugged in when we need to use it. It's so bad here that people have had to dump their pets because pet food has had cost inflation like crazy."


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15."Gas and electric."


16."Driving, it looks like. My city has a...decent public transportation system, so I'll start taking the bus, biking, or taking a scooter. It's around $4/gal if not more per gallon in these parts again, and my car isn't exactly fuel-efficient. I'll drive when I absolutely have to, but I'm going to try to cut down on it and find other modes of transport."


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17."I broke a tooth. It is sharp and is creating a sore on my tongue. I cannot afford to get it fixed. My partner and I are gainfully employed and make decent money. Still can’t afford it."


What are some basic things you've had to stop buying in recent months? Sound off in the comments.