When Asked Which Mobile Apps Created A Real Positive Impact In Their Lives, People Gave These Honest Answers

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The internet is chock full of apps. From dating to eating, and beyond that, apps have got you covered. Redditor u/B_rizzle4shizzle asked, "What mobile app has actually had a legitimate positive impact on your life?" and got some very useful answers. Let's take a look at the best responses.

1."Seven Weeks: The theory behind it being that if you do anything for seven weeks, it will become a habit. It actually works!"

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2."One Bus Away. It uses GPS and the bus schedule to tell you when the next bus is coming to a specific stop. So at the park and ride, I can sit in my truck and listen to the radio until the bus is four minutes out, and then it is a short walk to the stop."

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3."GeniusScan. Work requires us to scan to PDF all receipts, etc. for expenses incurred in the field. Super easy to just snap a picture and turn it into a PDF and email it. Cuts down on having to transport receipts home, scan them, etc."


4."Sleep Cycle wakes me up much better than a regular alarm, assuming I get enough sleep to begin with."

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5."Google Keep. The best way — so far — to organize reminders and sticky notes and categorize them! I've never been more productive!"


6."iMoodJournal. It alerts you several times a day to rate your mood on a scale from 1 to 10, and you can add comments to it if you'd like. When I feel down, I'm positive it's the worst thing ever and will never ever change, and this helps/forces me to keep some sense of perspective on it. It's a little thing but really helps keep me sane sometimes."


7."QuitNow! PRO. Seeing how many days it's been since I quit smoking, how much money I have saved, how many days I've regained on my life, etc. has really helped me keep on track."


8."Habitica (formerly Habitrpg). I floss every day now. And I stick with a bunch of good habits."

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9."MyFitnessPal — easy way to track calories and macros."


10."Gas Buddy: If you could plan a trip with the app, it would be perfect, but I'll settle for the cheapest gas near me."

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11."Google Calendar, actually."

"My memory is crap. I'm not gonna start carrying a planner in my pocket, or checking a planner, but the ability to even do simple shit like saying, 'I will schedule doing day-to-day stuff that I don't normally remember, like paying bills on Friday, and I need to do X, Y, and Z (be it pay bills, change mailing addresses, get a bike lock, whatever — boring errand stuff that I forget),' and then I put it in my calendar, and then it happens, and it's amazing."


12."Audible. I choose to pay for the service. I don't buy much in my life, but $15 for >30 hours of amazing entertainment is worth it to me."


13."Zombies Run. I've never been a runner and never been able to do it very well. I started using them, and for the first time in my life I actually ran 3 miles without stopping. Took me 45 minutes, but in under 2 weeks I shaved off 10 minutes and 3 pounds."

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14."Google Opinion Rewards. Free money for answering a few questions every few days."

15."I really love Mint. It has helped me keep track of my finances and consolidate everything in one place. It records every transaction on my bank account, multiple credit cards, loans, investment accounts, which I would normally only see by logging into 8–9 separate websites (which all have different password requirements and all log you out after 10 minutes of not looking at them).

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16.Clockwork Tomato really helps you become more productive by making you study or work in the best way, working 25 minutes and then a 5-minute break. I find I can study for a much longer time than normal, and it logs your work time!


17."I Can't Wake Up! It's an alarm that makes you go through a couple of quick exercises before the noise shuts off, making you think and wake up faster. Has helped me a lot when waking up."

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19."Period tracker. I haven't lost a pair of underwear to shark week in almost two years."

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20."DuoLingo and Memrise. I can actually hold a conversation in both French and Spanish now."


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Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.